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Tron Price Prediction 2030: TRX Heading Up?

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Imagine a new version of the Internet. One where you can get your hands on exclusive content directly from the source, without pesky intermediaries. That’s what the Tron network aims to build – a brand new way to enjoy content. Let’s see what that means in this Tron price prediction 2030 article.

Entertainment is everywhere these days — music, movies, TV, games, etc. But there is always a middleman troubling you with ads or subscription fees. Tron plans to fix that by proposing a blockchain technology model linking content creators and users directly. It’s an entirely new way of seeing the most powerful information tool we have at our disposal.

Tron has already dazzled many. In 2018, its price recorded explosive growth of 10,000%! And while its technicals are awfully similar to Ethereum, it seems to do everything better than its chief competitor.

Is Tron’s market cap impressive? At about $6.1 billion, it’s no laughing matter. But remember that the network is just beginning to expand. It will deliver more and more applications in the future when its value might skyrocket. 

The present crypto market bearishness might be the perfect investment opportunity. Why waste this chance to succeed? Prepare for the upcoming crypto boom with this Tron price prediction 2030. 

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Tron Latest News

Tron is all about expanding its ecosystem. In February 2022, it launched the first round of its Grand Hackathon. The developer competition will attract talent from all around the world, with programmers competing to create valuable solutions to run on the Tron network.

Moreover, the Tron Foundation plans to hold several more hackathons throughout the year. Thus, we expect many new solutions to appear in 2022 that will enrich the experience of Tron users. But more than that, more Tron applications will certainly boost TRX’s price.

Tron Technical Analysis & Price History

It’s important to look into Tron’s past to understand its trends. Equipped with technical analysis and price data, we might be able to learn more about Tron’s future price.

TRX Price Analysis

Like many crypto tokens, tronix had a modest beginning at $0.002. However, it did a mind-blowing jump by 10,000% just a few months after launch, climbing to an all-time high of $0.22.

Tron hasn’t beaten this ATH yet and traded considerably lower up until 2020. Then the crypto market experienced an upheaval in 2021, and the Tron coin climbed to its second highest price of $0.16 in April. Thus, in 2021 tronix grew by 800%

As of March 2022, the current price of Tron is $0.06. 

Technical Analysis

The moving averages give a strong sell signal, while the oscillators are neutral on the daily chart. The MAs are less confident in weekly terms but still leaning towards a sell signal. All technical indicators are completely neutral on the monthly chart.

The Experts’ Take on Tron

  • Crypto YouTube channel Exodus feels very positively about Tron. They see it as the ‘better Ethereum’ and expect it to play a huge role in DeFi. They also deem that developing Tron apps is more worthwhile than other blockchains because the transactions are cheaper and the speed is faster. Plus, Tron supports multiple programming languages.
  • VoskCoin also supports tronix, except they are a bit more sceptical about Justin Sun’s role. But if users separate the coin from the hype over founder Justin Sun, VoskCoin believes the technology is promising enough.

Tron Price Predictions

Now that we have analysed Tron’s past trends, we are ready to make a TRX price forecast. The Tron price forecasts by Trading Beasts also informed our analysis.


When it comes to the short-term price forecast for TRX, it is expected to reach $0.08-$0.10 towards the summer. However, profit-taking will drive the price of Tron down afterwards, likely to the $0.07 area.


Next year, based on data analysis,Tron might reach a maximum price of $0.11 and a minimum price of $0.05.


In 2024, we expect the TRX price to reach $0.14, based on expert opinions and tech analysts. Its lowest projected price is $0.07.


The maximum price forecast for 2025 is almost $0.17. But the average price of Tron will be closer to $0.12 most of the year.

What about the Long Term? Tron Price Prediction 2030

The year 2030 seems pretty far away. Many things will unfold between now and then, so it’s impossible to tell exactly where the crypto space will be by 2030. 

However, based on Tron’s history and our forecasts for the next couple of years, we expect to see Tron reach a new ATH by 2030. The level of $0.25 is a realistic goal.

Introduction to Tron

Why is Tron’s price expected to grow over the years? Because of its impressive fundamentals, of course! Tron was first created in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain. Creator Justin Sun chose to go with the tried-and-true approach to cryptocurrency. He wanted Tron to be compatible with Ethereum and did not make any innovations in Tron’s technical characteristics. It’s a network that supports smart contracts and dApps, with a variation of Proof-of-Stake as its consensus mechanism.

The network migrated from Ethereum to its own Tron blockchain in 2018. The Tron Foundation purchased peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent in the same year. 

Now the Tron network supports two coins. Its native token is Tronix (TRX), but the BitTorrent token also runs on its blockchain.

But if Tron didn’t create any new technology, why is it interesting? Why should we care?

Though Justin Sun (who previously worked for Ripple) did not care about technical innovation, he did have a vision — about what we use blockchains for. Tron stands out because it has a clear purpose — to reshape how we think of the Internet, especially where it comes to entertainment. 

One of the main goals of the Tron network is to enable creators to share their content with the public directly. Thus, NFTs, games, etc., are essential to Tron.

No wonder the company acquired BitTorrent. The P2P client might be the perfect vessel for sharing content on the Tron network.

Consensus Mechanism

Blocks on the Tron network are validated using a delegated version of Proof-of-Stake. Twenty-seven super representatives validate the blockchain information. But that doesn’t mean only 27 people get to do this job. No, the 27 super representatives switch every six hours, giving more people the chance to earn TRX.

Anyone can apply to become a super representative, though it costs 9,999 TRX to do so. Other Tron token holders vote to select the 27 validators among the users who apply.

The Tronix Token

TRX has several uses. First and foremost, it’s a governance token. It allows users to vote on protocol changes, select validators, and so on. People can also stake their tokens to earn interest. 

TRX comes in handy in transactions too. Every user has a daily byte limit. If their transactions exceed the limit, the network charges a TRX fee.

As for mining TRX, a new block is completed every 3 seconds. The reward for validating it is 32 TRX.

There is no hard cap on Tronix coins. Instead, the blockchain finds ways to burn TRX through fees, validation applications, etc., to keep inflation in check.

Where to Buy Tron?

You can exchange other cryptos for TRX via a DEX like Coinbase or Binance. Alternatively, you can buy or sell Tron with a broker like eToro. The second method has additional benefits, as it offers more trading instruments. For example, you can trade other crypto coins or try trading CFDs, among other things. Also, you can practice on a demo account beforehand to perfect your trading strategy.

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Tron FAQs

Is there anything else worth knowing about Tron? Find out in this section.

Is the Tron Network Successful?

Tron is currently 24th in terms of market cap. While it’s still far from the desired top 10, this is still a decent ranking. Since many new dApps and partnerships are expected to come in the future, Tron can only go up from here.

Is Tron a Profitable Investment?

It is up to you to decide if something is a good investment or not. Many experts believe in Tron’s potential. The main reason for this trust in the network is the rise of DeFi, where Tron shines. Still, only you know if Tron is a suitable investment for you.

Will Tron Ever Reach $1?

We’ve seen TRX rise 10,000% before. Performing the same feat again will put it at over $6. Though we don’t expect to see such massive growth in the next couple of years, $1 seems entirely plausible

Will Tron Reach $5?

As mentioned above, it will require huge growth from the current Tron price. Still, we have observed such an increase before. If we know one thing about cryptocurrencies, it’s that they’re highly volatile. Massive price spikes are possible when the crypto sector is doing well.

What Will Tron Be Worth in 5 Years?

We expect tronix to climb to around $0.20 in five years. It can be worth more if the entire cryptocurrency market performs well.