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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to any person or entity using either Dart Europe or any of Dart Europe’s sub-websites.


This website is under the sole ownership of Dart Europe. By using this website, you consent to adhere to the following Terms and Conditions at all times.


Throughout this document, we may use any first-person pronouns to refer to Dart Europe. Additionally, terms like “the site” or “the website” will also signify Dart Europe. Similarly, concepts such as “the user,” “the site visitor,” or “the client/customer” and second-person pronouns will refer to you, i.e. people browsing our content.


Your ability to use the Dart Europe website depends on your consent to these Terms and Conditions. They are binding for all users. If you disagree with any clause or section of these Terms, you need to discontinue using our site. Should you continue to browse our website content, this will be interpreted as informed consent to the present Agreement.


You need to be of legal age to provide your consent to these Terms. Dart Europe does not offer any services to minors. Underaged persons are advised to navigate away from our website.

Risk Disclaimer

Dart Europe is not, nor do we claim to be, crypto market experts, financial advisors, brokers, or crypto sellers. The primary role of Dart Europe is merely to provide information about various companies that exist within the cryptocurrency space, as well as news and general information about different digital assets or other topics related to the cryptocurrency market.

All articles, videos, blogs, and other related material that is published on the Dart Europe website are done so with the sole aim of shining a light on the various aspects of the crypto investing space, covering the latest updates and carrying out independent research into the latest tools, platforms, and brokerages available. However, none of the content on our website should be taken as financial advice, and we do not guarantee the content we post is precise, up-to-date, or accurate at the time of browsing. We are not to be held responsible for the loss of funds or any other adverse incidents that may arise from the use of this site.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is a volatile undertaking that comes with a significant level of risk. As a result, it may not be suitable for all types of investors. Before deciding to invest in crypto, do your research, figure out your trading goals, and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor.

To balance out the risk of crypto trading, it is advised that new and experienced traders alike seek out the trusted advice of a licensed financial advisor before investing. Remember that you can lose your entire investment when trading in cryptocurrencies.

Local Restrictions

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, CFDs cannot be offered to investors based in the UK by brokers based outside of British territory, according to the legislation outlined in PS 20/10. Other restrictions may apply in your region, so some of the products and companies we review may not be suitable for you. Do your due diligence to familiarise yourself with the laws in your country.

Affiliate Program Disclaimer

It is worth noting that Dart Europe may utilise affiliate links with some of our third-party partners across our website and the subsites of Dart Europe.

Affiliate links are hyperlinks to other products or services, the following of which may lead to Dart Europe receiving compensation from the site(s) these links lead to. In this case, Dart Europe does not add any extra costs for the person purchasing the services or products to be obtained via the link.

It is worth remembering that Dart Europe will still receive compensation through the affiliate links placed on this site, regardless of your trading results obtained through using the product advertised. Thus, we are not to be held responsible for any outcomes directly or indirectly connected to the use of a service or product advertised through an affiliate link on our site.

The teams behind each third-party affiliate link are responsible for the content on their respective websites. Thus, we suggest you do your research and study the Terms and Conditions, security agreements, and related documents on the website you have decided to use, as they may differ from ours.

Information Accuracy and Service Outages

The Dart Europe team aims to provide an array of written and multimedia material that may be useful to the aims of our users. However, due to the crypto sphere being volatile, fast-paced, and highly unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that all of the content on Dart Europe is up-to-date, accurate, or reliable at your time of browsing.

Although we try our best to provide a flawless user experience, issues can arise beyond our control. Thus, we cannot guarantee that the Dart Europe website will be free of service outages or other technical errors at all times. In addition, we have the right to implement site updates, improvements, and website changes without being required to give prior notice to our readers.

When you use data and material published on Dart Europe, you do so at your own risk. Suppose you decide to use the services or products advertised via third-party hyperlinks on our website. In that case, we cannot provide a guarantee that the content on these sites is up-to-date, accurate, or reliable. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for the material, trustworthiness, or service reliability of these third-party sites or other products we link to via hyperlinks.

Protected Intellectual Property

Regarding all content posted on Dart Europe, such as photos, infographics, videos, and written material, it should all be considered the property of Dart Europe unless otherwise indicated, and we have the right to publish it on our website.

Dart Europe does not consent to other people or entities copying or using Dart Europe’s content in other online spaces either for free or in return for compensation unless such parties have secured the explicit, written permission of Dart Europe beforehand.

Exclusion of Responsibility

Dart Europe is not to be held in any way responsible in the unlikely event of issues that arise via incidents such as:

  • Temporary service or technical errors. These may lead to the site’s partial or complete service outage, thus making its content and services inaccessible until the issue is resolved.
  • The unlikely event of inaccurate, out-of-date, or incorrect information given in the articles, videos, multimedia, etc., published on the Dart Europe website or the third-party partner sites with which it is connected.


The Dart Europe administration reserves the right to modify, alter, or change any content on the Dart Europe website. In addition, the Terms and Conditions document you are currently reading can also be changed without prior notice given to our readers. When we update or change any part of the website, including the present Agreement, the changes will take effect from the moment you use the website again.

Date of last update: March 10, 2023.

Questions and Comments

The Dart Europe team is friendly and open to any questions and comments that you may have. If you wish to reach out to a member of our team, you can contact us via the Contact page on the Dart Europe website. A team member will try to answer you as soon as possible. But be aware that during periods of heavy traffic, there may be a slight delay in our response.

Use of Cookies

In order to be completely transparent with our users, next, we will outline our policy surrounding the use of cookies on the Dart Europe website. Overall, we utilise cookies effectively in order to provide a more easy-to-use, straightforward, and simple user experience for our site visitors.

In the online space, almost every website utilises cookies. Put simply, these cookies are small documents which are sent to your device by Dart Europe’s server. Then, this text document is held on the device of the user in order to ensure a more direct experience the next time that they visit the site.

Plus, cookies fill several other vital roles too. They can track and eliminate common errors on the website, allowing it to operate flawlessly and providing you with an enhanced user experience. In order to explain cookies further, here is a simple explanation of three of the most common cookies that we use on our site.

  • Functional cookies

This is the most common form of online cookie you are likely to encounter. Functional cookies are crucial to Dart Europe running smoothly and play a vital role in some of its most important areas.

  • Google Analytics

The following cookie form is what Google Analytics uses. Dart Europe uses Google Analytics to gain a deeper insight into site traffic and how to provide a better experience for its users. Dart Europe has an agreement in place with Google, which ensures the latter is unable to collect any of the information collected by Dart Europe using cookies and use any of it for its purposes.

  • Outsider Cookies

Last but not least, we use third-party cookies. They are commonly placed on our website via third-party partners, often in the form of affiliate links. Similar to the first type of cookie mentioned, our partners use these third-party cookies to provide a much smoother site experience for their users acquired through Dart Europe.

Prohibited Activity

By using the Dart Europe website and any of its subsites, you agree to use it in adherence to these Terms and Conditions. This also extends to you agreeing to avoid any illegal activity on the site. For example, it is prohibited to use the Dart Europe site to transfer, download, disseminate, post, or communicate any data or other material that infringes any of our or our customers’ and partners’ rights (counting protected innovation privileges, security freedoms, or some other privileges).

You are also not allowed to disseminate content that contains compromising, unsafe, hostile, disparaging, derogatory, bigot, or unseemly substance, any data or other material that is denied from being posted or utilised, or any data or other material that contains malware or other programming equipped for harming Dart Europe site’s or outsider’s PC frameworks, or that might, in any capacity, forestall or limit others’ utilisation of the Site, any data or other material that disregards any regulation, without Dart Europe’s explicit permission to post such content.

In addition, these Terms and Conditions require you to agree not to modify any attribution, legal notification, or other legitimate name or trademark on the site, use Dart Europe through a connection point other than the Website, obstruct other clients’ utilisation of the Site or potentially Services, use robots or other mechanised strategies to access or utilise the Site and its Services, upload or communicate (or endeavour to transfer or send) any material utilised as a latent or dynamic component for gathering or communicating data, including but not restricted to arrange weaknesses, threats or other comparable spyware-gadgets, partake in “outlining,” “reflecting,” or in any case recreating the appearance or usefulness of the Services without the express consent of Dart Europe.

Backlinks to Dart Europe

Regarding backlinks to Dart Europe, we accept backlinks from the following online spaces and organisations with no prior permission required: respected news websites, government institutions, and similar legitimate organisations.

In addition, these websites and online spaces are permitted to backlink to Dart Europe provided that the link (a) is not malicious in any way; (b) does not dishonestly allude to partnership or endorsement; (c) is in line with the message and morals of Dart Europe.

We do not permit backlinks from any website or organisation that could be viewed as offensive, criminal, or infringe upon any person’s human rights and freedoms.


It is not permitted to make iframes around the pages of the Dart Europe website to alter the appearance of our website without prior permission from our team.

Content Liability

Dart Europe is not responsible for inaccurate content on our website or its subsites.

Eliminate Harmful Connections to Our Site

In the unlikely event that you discover any content, backlinks, or similar on the Dart Europe website which you feel does not adhere to these Terms and Conditions or the mission of Dart Europe, you are welcome to contact us to raise the issue to our attention. You can use the Contact us page to reach us.

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