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Crypto trading is inherently high-speed, exciting, and volatile. Whilst this volatility may be off-putting to many, it’s one of the key ingredients that allows so many people to supplement their income by trading cryptocurrencies anywhere from an hour to just a few minutes each day.

Volatility is something to be cautious but not afraid of. By staying up to date with the latest news in the cryptocurrency sphere, you can stay on top of this volatility and understand everything that’s going on in the industry and what it is that makes crypto tick.

From the latest cutting-edge news that has had an insanely positive effect on crypto, such as endorsement from major players like Elon Musk, national acceptance of crypto as a recognised currency, or increased adoption in various aspects of mainstream life, we cover it all!

However, as a non-biased site that doesn’t pull any punches, we equally cover the negative news too, whether it’s the fallout from a particular scandal in the industry, the impact of unwanted news to hit various cryptocurrencies and decentralised projects, or new government regulations which hurt crypto as a whole.

Access to the latest news in the crypto industry is a vital tool for any investor, whether they’re a fresh-faced newbie or a hardened pro, and you can rely on Dart Europe to provide you with all of your crypto industry news in a fast, efficient, and reliable manner. Stay tuned!

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