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Regarding the crucial subject of privacy, Dart Europe, as a Data Controller, places a high priority on ensuring our user’s privacy remains safeguarded. As a result, we have placed numerous resources towards ensuring that our clients’ personal data remain as protected as possible.

To outline the measures we have taken to protect our users’ data and the data collected whenever you use the Dart Europe site. The following is everything you need to know about personal data on Data Europe.

From individual data to the data controller, this privacy policy will utilize a range of terminology that all have a unique definition in the world of personal data. But don’t worry; we have dedicated a section of this privacy station that features a detailed glossary so that you can get to grips with all these valuable statements.

If we are required to, Dart Europe has permission to alter or adjust the following privacy policy when necessary. It is worth noting that we do not need to provide prior notification to our clients before we make such changes.

If you have any queries, issues, or subjects surrounding this privacy policy that you want to bring to our attention, you are free to contact a team member through the Dart Europe website.

What does Dart Europe do with your personal data?

The term individual data is used to refer to any personal information that is connected with a person. This can include (but isn’t confined to) names, addresses, photographs, forms of official ID like passports or driving licenses, financial-related records, or similar.

Which personal data do we collect about you when you use our site?

Whenever you use the Dart Europe website, we collect both Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII). By doing so, we are then able to construct a data profile and process information such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Information that you consensually give: This is personal data given to Dart Europe while referencing information from us or is Information surrounding your use of the Dart Europe site, such as that which we receive from data collected through programs like Google Analytics.
  • Personal correspondence: This is information collected whenever a user contacts the Dart Europe team. For future reference, we may store our correspondence with our users.

Who is the data controller in this situation?

Regarding your data collected using the website, the data controller in this situation is Dart Europe. This privacy policy does its best to detail how we deal with your personal data once it has been collected. Overall, Dart Europe has four (4) legitimate reasons for collecting and dealing with your personal data, as covered below:

  • Contract execution
  • Consent
  • Authentic responsibility
  • Veritable interest

How can Dart Europe use your personal data?

The data controller (Dart Europe) can use the client’s personal data for the following type of purposes:

  • For correspondence and enlistment: Whenever you reach out to the Dart Europe team or complete a form on the website, we will use the information you provided to reply to you effectively or communicate with you better.
  • For progressions of Dart Europe: After you have given your consent for us to do so, Dart Europe may reach out to you concerning promotions relevant to your interests, such as crypto updates or relevant news concerning Dart Europe.
  • To bolster the security and client experience of Dart Europe’s site, we could use your personal data to provide a better level of security and improve your site experience.

What are cookies, and how does Dart Europe use them?

Cookies are widely used online and consist of text files that stay on your browser in order for a website, product, or service to recognize your advice for future online sessions.

We utilize cookies to allow the Dart Europe website to run smoothly and effectively. If you wish, you can deactivate cookies in your site browser settings. However, this can have a negative effect and potentially make the site unusable to its full extent. Overall, across the Dart Europe website, we use the following kinds of cookies:

  • Functional cookies: The basic form of a cookie widely used online. It plays a crucial role in the critical areas of the site running smoothly for users.
  • Google Analytics: The cookies run by GA allow us to understand better what our readers enjoy and what they want to see more of. As a result, this type of cookie allows us to provide users with a better online experience. It’s worth noting that, due to a special agreement between Dart Europe and Google, the latter cannot see or use the data collected through these cookies.
  • Third-party cookies: Often found through affiliate links on our site, this form of cookie is placed on the Dart Europe site by our third-party partners.

If you wish to adjust the settings for cookies on your device, we have included convenient links to the best way to do so on some of the world’s most common web browsers:

  • For the Chrome web program, visit this page from Google:
  • For the Internet Explorer web program, visit this page from Microsoft:
  • For the Firefox web program, visit this page from Mozilla:
  • For the Safari web program, visit this page from Apple: cookies and-webpage data sfri11471/mac

Where is my data kept?

Dart Europe doesn’t hold your personal data. We may, in any case, associate third-party associations that will process your data. Such requests are subject to data handling regulations, and your information will not be shared without your consent.

Is my personal data kept safe?

Security is important to us. So the Dart Europe team has carried out a range of security protocols to protect our client’s data as much as possible.

Access to the personal data collected through Dart Europe is restricted. It is shown only to the trusted team members and third-party partners that require the information for legitimate business purposes.

Suppose government regulators of law enforcement request us to reveal personal data to assist an investigation. In that case, we will assess such requests to inquire whether personal data disclosure is legitimately vital. If it is, we will provide as many personal data as the authorities need.

How long do you hold my data?

Dart Europe holds your data for no longer than is needed because it was collected, to begin with.

What are your rights?

You are granted a range of rights when it comes to your personal data. The most important ones relating to this privacy policy are covered below.

  • Subject access: You have the right to request access to any of your personal data that Dart Europe has. You are equipped for admittance to any personal data of yours held by Dart Europe.
  • Revision: You have the right to modify or adjust any personal data that you feel is incorrect.
  • Cancellation: If you wish, you can ask that Dart Europe deletes any personal data associated with you.
  • Raise a protest: You have the right to raise an issue concerning our use of your personal data with any significant regulatory body in your local jurisdiction.

You may also have the right to retract your consent where personal sharing information relies upon said consent. But this is under particular circumstances.

Defined terms

As mentioned at the beginning of this privacy policy, several terms have been mentioned in this document with a unique definition in the realm of online privacy. So to reinforce your understanding of this privacy policy, we have defined them in detail below:

  • Data Controller: the authentic individual or administrative component that, alone or connected with various individuals/legitimate substances, chooses the purposes behind and technique for controlling and taking care of personal data.
  • Individual Data: This is classed as any information linked with a distinct personality. Any information associated with a person. This can include (yet isn’t constricted to) names, addresses, photographs, legitimate chronicles like IDs or driving licenses, financial records, messages, etc.
  • Handling of Personal Data: any activity, or succession of tasks, concerning Personal Data. This incorporates (yet isn’t restricted to) the assortment, recording, capacity, association, refreshing, dispersal, recovery, alteration/adjustment, blending, connecting, impeding, deletion, and the destruction of Personal Data.

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