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The Graph Price Prediction 2030 [UPDATED!]

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We’re almost 100% sure that you’ve already heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but have you heard of The Graph? Experts call it The Google of blockchain, and that says it all. The market has a very bullish The Graph price prediction 2030 — which is enticing for newbie and seasoned traders alike. Before we get into The Graph price prediction, let’s first check out what the experts are saying about GRT coin’s future price.

The Graph Price Prediction 2022

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How much will The Graph be worth in 2022?

Several experts have weighed in and given their own short-term The Graph price predictions for 2022. We’ve compiled the most notable ones for you so that you wouldn’t have to go scouring the Internet for reliable sources:


Unisonfinance pointed out that the GRT coin has stagnated the past few days — nothing has changed in its usual trading range. He also added that currently, GRT is trading at attractive levels, which are also considered good places to take a position.

He is positive that the GRT coin can reach $2.50 by the end of the year.

Wallet Investor

The traders over at Wallet Investor think that the GRT coin could go up to as high as $2.4 by the end of the year.


The Graph Price Prediction for 2022, 2025: GRT Outlook

On the flipside, InvestingCube believes there is a likelihood that the price of GRT could keep falling this year. Should this indeed happen, it could breach its all-time low of $0.2550 and then head to $0.1686.

Long-term The Graph Price Prediction

How much will the GRT coin price be in 2030?


Based on our research, InvestAnswers provides one of the most extensive GRT price predictions for the long term. Over on his Youtube channel, he mentioned that The Graph network is one of the most innovative projects in the crypto space. He added that it effectively changes how crypto projects handle data indexing and allows users to retrieve data efficiently and in a decentralised manner.

However, InvestAnswers believes that the tokenomics of The Graph token is, in his words, awful. It leaves no room for capital appreciation — which means a potential downturn in price until 2030. He does advise that taking shorter positions would be better.

Crypto Never Sleeps

The Crypto Never Sleeps channel also presented a yearly GRT coin price prediction. It said that The Graph value could reach $5.258 by 2023 and $5.793 by 2024.

Based on fundamental analysis, Crypto Never Sleeps believes that the GRT price could pop and spike to $59.13 by 2030.

But enough about price predictions! Let’s now get up to date with what’s been happening in The Graph protocol itself — because we all know any fundamental changes in the blockchain will inevitably dictate how the GRT price will trend in the next few years.

Hottest and Latest News

Here we have assembled all important market updates regarding The Graph. Let’s look at what’s been affecting the price of The Graph lately.

The Graph Raises $50 Million

The Graph raised $50 million in a funding round that Tiger Global Management led. It was reported that Blockwall Digital, Fenbushi Capital, FinTech Collective, and Reciprocal Ventures also participated in the round. Tiger Global seemed very confident in the significant potential of The Graph network’s business system. A representative said the firm expects to see an exponential increase in the data stored on blockchains, which will benefit The Graph. It is one of the most important pillars of the decentralised web.

DCG, Multicoin Launch $250 Million Funds for The Graph

Digital Currency Group, Multicoin Capital, Reciprocal Ventures, and many other investors produced a $205 million ecosystem fund that aims to support the developers building on The Graph, assisting in the blockchain’s future progress.


The decentralised smart contracts platform Avalanche (AVAX) has integrated with The Graph to expand querying and indexing on the platform.

Web3 Becomes the Buzzword

The price of GRT coin got a significant double-digit boost after its catalogue of subgraphs expanded, and Web3 became a trending discussion topic among crypto and tech sector experts.

Technical Analysis

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InvestingCube noted that the GRT token has been under a lot of pressure lately, based on its charts. The recent sell-off has accelerated the downturn of the current GRT price below the support at $0.4751. InvestingCube added that its charts formed a break and retest pattern, which is typically indicative of a bearish trend.

The price of GRT tokens also moved below the 50-day and 100-day moving averages, forming an inverted cup and handle pattern that could again point to weaker price action in the future.

The Graph Current Price

As of writing, the GRT coin is trading at $0.3267. It has a market capitalisation of roughly $1.5 million and has a total circulating supply of 4.72 billion GRT tokens. The total maximum supply is 10 billion tokens.

Tired of all this numbers talk? Let’s switch to the fundamentals now! Here are some of the market’s most frequently asked questions about The Graph network.

FAQs: Everything to Know About The Graph

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Understanding the basics of a cryptocurrency is important because it can improve your ability to estimate the impact of fundamental factors on its value. That’s why we prepared a brief overview of the most important information about this crypto coin.

How Does The Graph Work?

The Graph is essentially a decentralised protocol whose purpose is indexing and querying data from blockchains. It likens itself to Google, in that sense, since the latter indexes the web. The Graph, in turn, indexes blockchain data from networks such as Ethereum and Filecoin. Afterwards, it groups the data into open APIs called subgraphs that anyone can query.

The subgraph manifest is a file that defines the smart contracts of interest for a subgraph, the events in those contracts that one should pay attention to, and how to map event data to info that The Graph will subsequently store into its database.

Who Is Behind The Graph?

The Graph protocol was built by Edge & Node, a company headed by Yaniv Tal.

Should I Buy The Graph Coin?

First of all, this article is not investment advice. You should not base your investment decisions solely on what you read here. Whether you buy The Graph or not should be a decision made entirely by you after extensive market research about its future values. Investing it The Graph may present some opportunities for profit, but it depends on the overall state of your portfolio and your trading strategy.

Is The Graph Crypto a Good Investment?

The Graph protocol has a solid business model that many believe will benefit the crypto market in the future. Therefore, many analysts are excited about its prospects and its plans for the future. However, it is unsure if this will translate into actual capital appreciation since token prices are affected by many extraneous factors that are out of our control. Losing your entire invested capital is always a possibility that you should consider before buying any crypto coins.

Where to Buy The Graph?

You can find The Graph on most crypto exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase. In addition, you can buy or sell The Graph via a broker such as eToro. The latter also allows you to invest in different asset types, practice strategies on a demo account, and take advantage of special bonuses to boost your trading volume.

What Will The Graph Be Worth in 2025?

The Graph price forecasts vary, but it is possible to see this token at $1.76 to $2.08 by 2025, according to different sources.


The market is very bullish on The Graph’s potential. As stated previously, it is backed by a near fool-proof business model that most believe will be a huge success in the future. However, price predictions in the short and long term vary, considering the very volatile performance of the crypto and blockchain industry.