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Bit GPT App Review and Guide (2023): All You Need to Know

After our in-depth evaluation Bit GPT App, we’ve come to the conclusion that this brand is a legit platform that partners with regulated brokers. If you want to explore the novel trading services Bit GPT App’s partners offer, fill in the form below, and a personal account manager will contact you in no time.

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Our rating: 4.5/5

Read our in-depth Bit GPT App review, and explore this powerful brokerage platform. We’ll go over its pros and cons, pricing, features, and more.

If you are looking for a versatile platform to make you a better trader, this Bit GPT App review will help you understand if it’s the right choice for you. Moreover, it will provide insights into its suitability for your trading needs.

What Is the Bit GPT App?

Are you hearing of Bit GPT App for the first time? It’s no surprise! After all, the website is brand-new, and we’re among the first to give you a proper breakdown. In fact, you have likely noticed that the name Bit GPT App sounds familiar – a bit like Chat GPT, doesn’t it? Well, they both use GPT in their name, which stands for “Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.”

Similarly, Bit GPT App uses AI software. But is it a trading platform? Despite many reviews online stating there is a Bit GPT App trading platform, that is not technically true. Instead, the robust AI algorithm on the website quickly matches you with a crypto broker in your area. The broker will then offer you tools worthy of a crypto trading platform to boost your trading. In essence, Bit GPT App is a matching platform, not trading software.

This is great news, to be honest – with so many dull crypto trading platforms out there, it’s nice to see something a little different. But will it be helpful to you, and who is it targeting?

Who Is Bit GPT App For?

Woman trading crypto using a laptop.

Let’s be honest, not everyone might find this platform helpful. Just like any other product and website, it is designed for a particular type of trader. Overall, Bit GPT App claims it is tailor-made for:

  • Newbie investors who want to begin trading but have limited or no trading experience.
  • Experienced traders needing help making potentially profitable trades.
  • Traders that want to learn and practice trading.
  • Anyone that needs support with trading and investment advice.

If you tick one or more of the above boxes, you will likely benefit from using Bit GPT App. There are lots of great perks to consider, as well as a few drawbacks worth noting.

Pros and Cons of Using the Bit GPT App

No one has made the perfect platform. As much as developers and designers try, there will always be a few setbacks. What’s important is deciding if the pros outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at these in more detail:


  • No Fees
  • Demo Trading Software
  • Free to Register
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Care
  • AI Trading Bots
  • Time-Saver


  • No Bit GPT App
  • Requires a Minimum Deposit

If you like what you see, you might be curious about what it takes to use a platform like this. We tried the registration process ourselves and will review it in detail in the next section.

How to Get Started with Bit GPT App

It won’t be a complete Bit GPT App review if we didn’t include a sign up guide! We prepared an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you create your very own Bit GPT account. All you need to do is complete the following steps, and you’ll be ready for trading in just a few clicks.

Bit GPT App official website preview on different devices.

Step 1 – Register

Start by heading over to the Bit GPT App’s official website. Use the registration form right at the top of the page and fill in the blank fields with the required information. First, you must provide your personal details. Following that, you will instantly match with a versatile broker, as soon as you press “Register”. All that’s left for you to do is confirm your details. A member of the crypto broker team will reach out to make sure your details are correct. When this verification is done, you will complete your Bit GPT account registration.

We are happy to report that the registration process is very quick to complete, and even if you struggle with the signup (though you likely won’t have any trouble!), you can always reach out to the customer support team for help.

Step 2 – Deposit Funds

Okay, so you have created a Bit GPT account. What’s next? Are you happy with your broker? If so, you can add the minimum deposit and start trading! As we already stated, the website doesn’t charge any fees, but you need to deposit funds into your account to make an investment.

There is a minimum deposit worth $250. You can spend it in its entirety on your investment and add more funds if you wish. You can choose from a broad selection of the top digital assets or decide to invest in gold, stocks, forex pairs, and more.

Is $250 affordable? This will depend on your personal financial situation. In comparison with other websites, it is a large deposit. However, no fees are associated, so it truly works to your benefit. Most platforms have transaction fees implemented for every trade, which vary between 1.5%-3%.

Step 3 – Start Trading

Once your deposit is transferred, you’re good to go! You may now enjoy various trading tools, including demo trading bots, AI trading bots, and a plethora of crypto assets to choose from. We were also happy to find that your broker can provide you with educational materials to help you make successful trades. In addition, your broker can also help with your trading decisions and provide advice and insight into future price movements and market trends, saving you tons of time!

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Features of Bit GPT App

In order to give you our ranking of this platform, we will look at the various features offered by the Bit GPT App site and offer you our ranking for each one.

Business finance icons and a man trading cryptocurrencies on a laptop.

Multi-Asset Support

Our ranking: 5/5

You have likely heard of portfolio diversification. If you are thinking of implementing this trading strategy, Bit GPT App is a great place to do that. Your broker offers not only a vast range of cryptocurrencies but also a variety of other tradable assets, such as oil, gold, bonds, stocks, and so much more.

There’s no need to visit third-party sites to diversify your trading profile, which is super convenient. For this reason, and the hundreds of virtual assets available, we give it 5/5 stars.

Trading Fees

Our Ranking: 5/5

Perhaps the best news is that there are no hidden fees to sneakily creep up on you, according to Bit GPT App. Of course, this sounds great in theory, so we absolutely had to check it in practice for a genuine Bit GPT App review.

And yes, the website is entirely transparent about their charges, which is great to see. Additionally, there are plenty of scammy websites out there, so it’s nice to review a legitimate platform for a change!

Trading Terminal

Our Ranking: 4/5

We loved to see that the Bit GPT App site provides a variety of trading software and tools. Furthermore, each broker offers a different range of trading instruments, according to our testing. Some will have the MetaTrader 4 or 5, but this depends from broker to broker.

You may also access more advanced trading tools, like live trading, crypto market charting tools, and automated trading tools, which will execute sales and purchases on your behalf while you are offline.

In addition, you can access the broker’s demo trading account and practice making crypto purchases. This tool is excellent for novice traders who need to become more familiar with the software.

Customer Support

Our Ranking: 5/5

The customer support team at Bit GPT App is a true blessing for investors. Remarkably, it is pretty rare to find a platform that offers 9-5 customer support, let alone one that offers it around the clock. Therefore, we were very pleased to see that users can get help and advice even in the middle of the night, seven days a week.

You may also ask questions to your support assistant about cryptocurrency trading if you need something cleared up and your personal broker isn’t available. Overall, for all this and the team’s professional attitude, we give them 5/5 stars.

Mobile Support

Our Ranking: 3/5

As mentioned before in the Bit GPT App review, mobile support is the biggest lack. Some crypto owners prefer to do their trading through a mobile app, and despite the name, that’s something Bit GPT App needs to include. It’s a bit of a misnomer.

Luckily, there is an option for traders to bypass the website’s lack of app service. Simply head over to the official page using your mobile browser. Furthermore, the platform is perfectly optimised for mobile use via your browser.

You can then bookmark the page or add it to “Favourites” on your mobile. That way, you pretty much have instant access to all your trading features. Furthermore, for those using an iPhone, you can even bookmark the website and create an app shortcut on your main screen. In fact, you can check the nifty guide below if that’s something you wish to try.

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Bit GPT App Summary

Here is a quick summary of Bit GPT App’s most notable features:

Registration FeeNone
Trading or Transaction FeesNone
Minimum Deposit250 USD
Mobile AppNo
Demo TradingYes
AI TradingYes
Live TradingYes
Payment MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Third-party Options
Available AssetsCrypto, NFTs, Stock, Commodities, FX pairs

Bit GPT App Review Verdict – Is It Worth It?

To sum up, after thoroughly testing the platform, we can end our Bit GPT App review by saying the platform is indeed a diamond in the rough. With excellent customer support, many helpful trading features and zero hidden fees, it’s a must-try.

It is absolutely clear that the platform is trying to be as transparent as possible and make trading cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. It’s even free to register and explore before you decide if it’s a suitable option for you, which is truly rare to see.

Once you are paired with a broker, they practically become your assistant, and you can discuss trading strategies and goals for the future. With all this in mind, we give the platform a combined score of 4.5/5.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ concept with question marks on sticky notes, a laptop, and coffee on a dark wooden background.

Finally, to end this Bit GPT App review, we want to answer the most commonly asked questions on the internet regarding this trading platform:

Is Bit GPT App a Scam or Legit?

After thoroughly analysing the site and creating our very own Bit GPT account, we can conclude it is a legitimate site. Furthermore, the platform is entirely transparent about charges and has multiple disclaimers about the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading.

How Does Bit GPT App Work?

Bit GPT App uses advanced artificial intelligence to pair you with a skilled crypto broker in your region. Once you have completed your registration, it analyses your data and connects you with a broker ASAP. In addition, the broker can give you access to their plethora of trading and charting tools and market data and support you along your trades.

Is Bit GPT App Safe?

Indeed, Bit GPT App is completely safe to use. In fact, it’s safeguarded by the latest SSL encryption, and users must undergo a verification procedure to access the website.

Does the Site Offer Advanced Trading Tools?

Yes, you can reap the benefits of many advanced features the Bit GPT App brokers provide. You can start using automated trading tools, copy trading, charts, market insight, and much more as soon as you are paired with a broker.

Is Bit GPT App a Crypto Trading Platform?

While Bit GPT App is not a trading platform, it provides all the tools and functionality of one through its network of crypto brokers. The website is instead a matching service that instantly connects you with a broker to kickstart your crypto trading.


The information in this Bit GPT App review cannot be considered investment advice. Do your due diligence when planning investment and consult with a professional first. To understand the risk of investments, please read the text down below.