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Neo Price Prediction 2025

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To summarize this NEO price prediction 2025, expert and technical price forecasts combine to tell us that this Chinese blockchain asset could surpass a minimum price of $200 between now and 2025. To find out how the price of NEO could hit this figure, keep reading this NEO price forecast.

News About NEO

Ethereum is arguably the biggest name in the world of blockchain technology. But its recent advances have seen it surge in value, presenting a problematic entry barrier for new investors.

Thankfully, it’s not the only big player on the blockchain scene. In 2022, there is a far more affordable blockchain alternative on the cryptocurrency market. Its name is the NEO Network.

Often viewed as the Chinese alternative to Ethereum, it boasts everything that the original blockchain asset offers and then some! 

This is combined with a very low price for new traders to start investing. It also shares similar price surges seen by the likes of Ethereum. In 2021, for example, it skyrocketed in value from $23 to $122.

Such price surges have firmly placed NEO in the sights of new and experienced investors alike. They are leading to increased demand for an accurate NEO price prediction 2025.

Today, we provide an easy-to-follow NEO price prediction 2025 that aims to give an insight into the future price of NEO over the next four years.

What is NEO?

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NEO was founded in 2014 by two Chinese businessmen called Da Hongfe and Erik Zahn. The mission of the NEO Network was to provide a platform where users could make crypto transactions and create decentralized services and products with ease.

However, it wasn’t always known as NEO. In the early days, until 2017 at least, it was known as AntShares. It then underwent a rebranding to be renamed as NEO to make it easier to market to potential clients. 

Compared to the blockchain powerhouse that is Ethereum, NEO shares some similar aspects. Such as the ability to create decentralized applications and make cryptocurrency transactions.

However, the two networks also share some differences too. NEO boasts faster transaction speeds, a popular decentralized file storage solution, and an oracle system for handling external information.

As it shares many of the same features of Ethereum with several bonuses to boot, NEO has secured a wide range of users over the years, and its price has surged to all-time highs recently. Its native token has made many investors a healthy return on investment. 

The NEO Network boasts two native cryptocurrencies. One is called NEO, and the other is known as GAS tokens. They both play different but equally crucial roles in the NEO ecosystem.

GAS is used to pay for computation services on the NEO Network. On the other hand, NEO is used to make transactions within the NEO ecosystem and vote on changes to the blockchain protocol. The voting power a user has is determined by the amount of NEO tokens they hold. 

Price History of NEO

The price history of a cryptocurrency is a fantastic way to get an insight into its potential future. This section will delve into the price performance of NEO tokens in one of its wildest price periods: 2021!

NEO started 2021 at an average price of $23 and essentially hung around this price for most of January. This provided a tremendous low-priced entry price for beginners. For those that decided to get involved with NEO in January, it was a wise choice indeed.

In February, the price of NEO tokens surged to more than twice its value when it hit an average price of $54. After investors sold off their NEO holdings to take profits, the price dropped to $35. However, this price drop presented another opportunity to buy back in for savvy investors.

The NEO blockchain underwent a bullish trend in May and skyrocketed to $122. This led to an even more significant sell-off than before, and the price slumped to $25 per token in July. By September, however, the price of NEO skyrocketed to $65 per NEO Coin in a very positive trend.

Towards the end of the second half of the year, the price of NEO slumped along with many other leading cryptocurrencies. It rounded off 2021 at an average price of $17. Is this yet another chance for new investors to buy a low-priced position in NEO and wait for it to be a profitable investment? Read on to find out! 

NEO Technical Analysis

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The technical analysis draws upon tools like historical price data, trading indicators, and charts to get an accurate insight into what the future could hold for the average price of cryptocurrencies like NEO between now and 2025.

NEO price prediction 2022-2023

In contrast to how NEO performed in 2021, the technical analysis predicts going through a more bearish phase in 2022. From the current NEO price of $17, research suggests that it could hit a minimum price of $28 by the middle of the year and hang around that average price as it enters 2023. That’s an increase of around 55% on the current price of NEO today.

NEO price prediction 2023-2024

The bearish trend could continue in 2023, but it will still be potentially profitable for those who invest at the current dip. Technical analysis of this NEO price prediction suggests an annual price dip to an average price of $24 as it enters 2024. Not ideal, but still an increase of 39% on the current price of NEO coin.

NEO price prediction 2024-2025

The NEO price prediction 2025 is looking more interesting! Based on the current price of NEO coin, the minimum price value is expected to increase by 76% in a bullish trend as it rolls into 2025 at a minimum price of $31. If true, this could make the maximum value of NEO a good investment.

Expert analysis on the Price of NEO

Based on its range of valuable benefits offered to the world of blockchain technology and its incredible price history, the future price of NEO has been the subject of intense discussion between crypto experts worldwide. Let’s look at some of the most interesting NEO price predictions!

NEO Price Predictions From The Right Trader

First up is the widely viewed Right Trader channel. They recently released an informative NEO price prediction for 2022 to 2025 in which they expected that the minimum price of NEO could hit an average price between $200 and $500.

Crypto Never Sleeps

Next up is Crypto Never Sleeps! They also published a very promising NEO price forecast that predicted the native token of the Chinese Ethereum alternative to surge past a minimum price of $200 between now and 2025. An attractive long-term NEO price indeed!

The Art of Marketing Blog

And last but by no means least is the NEO price prediction released by The Art of Marketing Blog. Their recent NEO price prediction for between now and 2025 came to the exciting conclusion that the long-term NEO price could easily hit an average price of $200 over the next few years.

Final Thoughts on This NEO Price Forecast

neo coin with neural network background

To sum up this NEO price prediction 2025, this Chinese blockchain asset not only brings many of the cutting-edge features of Ethereum, but it also provides a wide variety of other decentralized benefits to its users.

Between now and 2025, it’s impossible to tell how the price of NEO will perform. But with a blend of technical insights, historical price data, and expert analysis, it looks like this promising cryptocurrency could hit somewhere between $200 and $500 over the next few years. But only time will tell when it comes to the future price of NEO.

At the moment, the NEO price today is in a price dip and offers a very low entry barrier for new investors to get involved. If the price journey of NEO is anything like it was in 2021, NEO’s price could be a very bright future ahead indeed.

So these NEO predictions have shown that the future NEO value is looking promising, but there’s one hurdle many people face when it comes to investing in NEO: where is the best place to buy it? Fear not, we plan to unveil a well-kept crypto industry secret next that will answer that question once and for all!

Where to Buy NEO on the Crypto Market?

NEO has seriously taken the blockchain world by storm and the various NEO predictions discussed are looking good. Since it first hit the scene, it has successfully been listed on some world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. However, these are often not ideal places for beginners to start.

A traditional cryptocurrency exchange can provide a steep learning curve. A brokerage like eToro, on the other hand, can be a fantastic way for new investors to find their feet in the world of cryptocurrency. 

With a brokerage, users are treated to a plethora of trading tools, demo trading accounts, and much more to get the best trading experience possible.

In addition to providing a chance to invest in NEO’s price journey, eToro also offers an enormous range of other cryptocurrencies from Cosmos to Bitcoin, so you can diversity your investing style and create an enviable portfolio of digital currencies.

Pros and Cons

NEO may boast a wide range of benefits over the likes of Ethereum. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with its downsides. Let’s take a look at the good sides and the not-so-good sides of this good crypto asset so you can decide whether it could be a good investment in the cryptocurrency market or not.


  • It is compatible with a wide range of computer programming languages, which gives it an excellent level of utility. 
  • NEO holders are granted exclusive voting rights across the NEO ecosystem.
  • As one of the most successful and well-established digital assets around, it has been listed on some of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges.


  • China’s cryptocurrency ban has been a significant setback for NEO cryptocurrency, and it is still difficult for it to contend with Ethereum.