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FET Price Prediction 2022-2030: Will It Reach $1?

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After reaching an all-time high in 2021, the Fetch.ai price seems to be going lower and lower. But should investors be scared? Many crypto experts do not think so. Most think it’s an opportunity to be taken with both hands.

The reasons are there for all to see, and what we witnessed in 2021 could be the least we will ever see. With FET’s presence, the power of Artificial Intelligence is now evident in the crypto space. Interestingly, Fetch.ai doesn’t plan to stop bringing on more AI-backed solutions. The future looks very bright for FET even as investors continue to rush into the ecosystem. With significant investing forces like GDA Group and BlockWall Management playing vital roles, the price of FET seems to remain one to keep an eye on. WIth more funding, and a new $5 million from GDA Group, Fetch.ai looks to be on its way to another growth level.

So, what does the Fetch.ai price prediction 2030 hold for long-term investors? Find out in this article.

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Latest Fetch.ai News That Can Impact Price Action

About six months ago, Fetch.ai launched something different in the crypto market. The project put in place an Artificial Intelligence-based NFT marketplace. Despite the complexities, Fetch.ai founded the community-centric marketplace.

According to the Fetch.ai team, the NFT marketplace will allow content creators to make and own AI-powered digital assets. High-net-worth investors added more FET tokens to their portfolios during the same period. With more crypto whales expected to put in more liquid funds into the FET ecosystem, the value of FET might reach new levels soon.

Fetch.ai Historical Data

Super-impressive — that’s the perfect description for the FET price performance in 2021. Looking through the price history, only a few coins performed better than FET between February and April 2021. It got even better from July to September 2021 as FET hit an all-time high of $1.19.

After struggling to beat the $0.50 resistance level in early 2021, FET finally got a breakthrough. With a bad performance in January, FET started its weekly chart data with an opening price rise to $0.3 in March 2021. By the end of March 2021, FET’s price had moved up to $0.80. Although a decline occurred in May, FET took control back in August. The FET coin started at $0.5 before going all the way to $1.19 – an all-time high. Even when Bitcoin drew the other crypto coins down, FET remained strong with a 60% gain in only a few months.

However, the Fetch.ai price went low again before 2021 ended. It went further down in January 2022. Presently, the price of Fetch.ai is $0.23. Some investors see this as an opportunity to grab some FET tokens at a reduced price. Its performance in the coming years will reveal if the coin will be worth buying.

Technical Analysis of FET

The technical analysis method can predict the maximum price level of FET. Also, previous price data contribute to future price predictions. However, these are mere predictions and not investment advice. Nevertheless, let’s look at the Fetch.ai price predictions from 2022 to 2025.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2022

According to Wallet Investor, the average price of FET could be around $0.68 by December 2022. With improved usage, there could be a price increase to $0.83 in the same period. Similarly, Trading Beasts analysis also predicts a rise in the 2022 closing price. The analysis indicates that FET could follow a 37.85% change to $0.50 at the maximum level.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2023

The average trading value of the FET cryptocurrency will be nothing short of exceptional in 2023. This prediction is according to technical analysis experts at Wallet Investor. Technical indicators reveal that FET can surpass the $1 mark by year-end. Wallet Investor predicts that the average value could be $1.10, possibly rising above $1.30.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2024

The cryptocurrency market is expected to blow beyond expectations in 2024. The exciting thing is analysts don’t expect FET to be left behind. By January 2024, the FET price could decline a little to $0.90. However, the FET coin price could see a minimum value of $1.29 by mid-2024. Many traders are expected to ape into the Fetch.ai ecosystem in the same year. As such, the FET price should test the $1.78 level by the end of the year.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2025

The minimum price of Fetch.ai in January 2025 is expected to be $1.27. However, there are chances that the average price could go as high as $1.50 during the same period. The Fetch price could blast past the $1-$1.9 range and go beyond $2 in the same year. Wallet Investor analysts predict that the Fetch.ai maximum price could be $2.28.

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Prediction 2030

AI-powered supply chains are rare. With many industries integrating machine learning services, Fetch.ai might be the one to lead the crypto pack. The maximum value of FET could hit $2.83 in 2026. The prices for the following years also show very bullish signs. For most of 2027, FET is expected to move beyond its previous highest prices. 

In 2030, the current price of FET will be nothing close to the predicted price. This highest price prediction is expected to be over $5.

Now that we know what technical analysis thinks of the FET future price let’s look at the views of crypto experts.

FET Price Forecast: Crypto Experts Prediction

Two years ago, experts at Coin Bureau predicted that would be an excellent buy. Today, FET’s price prediction 2030 is no different. A couple of crypto experts are bullish on the project’s potential. Popular YouTube channel Crypto Empire also predicted that FET would be huge in 2021, and it was. Altcoin Disrupt believes that the FET market cap could flip some major coins in the coming years. For other experts, the FET price predictions should follow an upward trend in the future. Will FET live up to these expectations? Future prices will tell. So, what exactly is Fetch.ai?

Introduction to Fetch.ai

Not many crypto folks know that the “ai’ in Fetch.ai isn’t just design. Yes, it’s real! Artificial Intelligence completely powers the Fetch.ai project. The exciting part? It’s open to everyone. So, what is Fetch.ai?

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Fetch.ai is a machine learning-based blockchain project built to provide a better decentralised system. The Fetch.ai ecosystem is not only tailored to the cryptocurrency market demands. It is available to individuals and businesses as well. Fetch.ai provides slot-proof systems to solve complex data challenges with the help of AI. Founded by Toby Simpson, Thomas Hain, and Humayun Sheikh in 2017, Fetch.ai has grown into a powerhouse in today’s crypto market. 

In 2019, the AI-coin launched on the Binance Smart Chain. The Fetch team has also gone overboard to create a permissionless network for the crypto economy. With a focus on breaking down complex stuff into simple terms, Fetch.ai has a great potential to give investors a good return.

What Is the FET Token?

FET is the native token of the Fetch.ai network. The token holds the fundamental key that opens the door of the Fetch.ai ecosystem. Contrary to some opinions, the FET token has incredible usage. It is one of the coins that have robust Artificial Intelligence backing. In the Fetch.ai ecosystem, FET is responsible for smart contracts transactions and DeFi trading services. The Fetch.ai cryptocurrency also helps process deposits and exchanges within the Fetch.ai network.

Fetch.ai FAQs

Will FET Price Hit $1?

Having gone as high as $0.90 in September 2021, investors believe FET can reach $1. Technical analysts and crypt experts also share the same opinion. Whether you believe these price predictions is up to you. A predicted rise in value could turn the other way round. Do your own research still.

Can FET Be a Good Investment for the Future?

With the rise of DeFi, FET could be a profitable investment for long-term investors. DeFi trading services are not popular within the cryptocurrency ranks. This service offered by Fetch.ai could make the project explode sooner than anticipated. So, if you are looking for a good investment, FET may be the ideal one.

How Many FET Tokens Are in Circulation?

Over 746 million FET tokens are in circulating supply. This figure is close to FET’s maximum supply of 1,151,441,226. Crypto experts also expect Fetch.ai to get more adoption soon. If more investors get into the ecosystem, there might also be a rise in the coin price.

What Is the Current Price of FET?

As of this writing, the FET price stands at $0.23. With a market cap of $176,226 510, FET has excellent potential to rise in future prices.

Screen showing Fetch.ai trading activities

Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Support FET?

A couple of major crypto exchanges have listed Fetch.ai (FET). Some of them are Binance, Coinbase, and BitAsset. Although these exchanges might seem complex to operate, FET is still available. That said, eToro is a great platform to buy the Fetch.ai cryptocurrency easily.