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Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2030 | Yay or Nay?

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Read this Axie Infinity Price Prediction article to find out if it is Yay or Nay.

We’re pretty sure you’ve at least heard about Axie Infinity, given that it’s been taking not just the crypto world but also the whole Internet of Things by storm. Who knew you could buy, battle, and breed arguably adorable little monsters, all the while making a profit?

The Axie Infinity coin skyrocketed from a launching price of $0.15 to more than $50 today. That’s equivalent to a whopping 33,000% gain! With Axie’s exponential price growth, a lot of people are asking where it will be in 8 to 10 years. So far, all the experts have very bullish Axie price prediction 2030, stating that a price explosion is all too possible. Axie Infinity didn’t become Google’s most-searched NFT for nothing!

Axie Infinity: Is There Still Room for Growth?

This Axie Infinity price prediction has compiled the best expert Axie Infinity price predictions to save you the trouble from scouring the internet for reliable resources.

Ryan Matta

Ryan Matta on Youtube is confident that Axie Infinity can spike in the near future. He thinks the Axie coin can very much double, grow 5 times, and even 10 times, largely because the Axie Infinity ecosystem has a ton of upcoming events and is dominating on social media.

He says Axie Infinity AXS can very well grow 10x to reach $550 this year since it is highly likely that its market cap could breach the $30 billion mark.

Coin Bureau

The vesting schedule for AXS is quite aggressive compared to other cryptocurrencies. The continued adoption of Axie Infinity has created a lot of demand for Axie Infinity AXS. Therefore, Coin Bureau expects AXS could double before the crypto bull run is over.

Art of Marketing Blog

The Art of Marketing Blog channel compiled the Axie price predictions of some of the biggest crypto websites online—all in one informative 15-minute video. These are the noteworthy price forecasts that he detailed and commented on:

– Wallet Investor

The traders over at Wallet Investor have a price prediction 2025 of $1,381. This is by far The Art of Marketing Blog’s favourite prediction since it does not exaggerate anything. It is very realistic and all too achievable.

– CoinPedia

The 2025 price prediction of Coinpedia is at a maximum of $250. In the shorter term, the website expects AXS price to hit $175. All things considered, an upward trend should materialise in the next few months for this to happen.

Gerhard – Bitcoin Strategy

Gerhard finds Axie Infinity to be very interesting. It is one of the very few coins that a very quick rise since inception. While trading volume is going down, the price can still stay afloat. The average price of Axie Infinity is holding up despite the several bear markets we’ve seen in the past.

He maintains that the price of Axie Infinity doesn’t look speculative at all. Gerhard believes that there is an actual fundamental value to be found in it—therefore making the rally sustainable.

Axie Infinity Hot Topics

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There doesn’t seem to be a lack of market-moving Axie Infinity projects circulating the cryptocurrency market. These are some of the latest ones that this Axie Infinity price prediction have been monitoring:

Record-breaking NFT Sales

Axie Infinity surpassed $4 billion in all-time NFT sales. It is currently the third-largest NFT platform in terms of all-time sales. At present, the average price of an Axie Infinity sale is $198.77. So far, the project has seen 1,905,222 traders.

Axie Infinity and Bit2Me

Axie Infinity has signed a strategic alliance with Bit2Me, one of the biggest Spanish cryptocurreny-based financial technology services platforms. Essentially, Bit2Me will be one of the AXS exchange parters for players in Southern Europe and Latin America. This means that telephone support in Spanish and Portugese by native agents will also be available to users of the Axie ecosystem.

Origin Cards Revealed

We are mere weeks away from the release of Axie Infinity Version 3 dubbed as Origin. This will be Axie Infinity’s new main version–potentially attracting more players to the Axie marketplace.

Axie Infinity FAQs | The Fundamentals

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The Axie Infinity cryptocurrency is a blockchain-based game in which players can purchase NFTs of cute little monsters and then pit them against each other in battles. Some say this is the future of gaming—giving the Axie Infinity ecosystem an edge compared to the rest of the coins in the crypto space.

How Did Axie Infinity Start?

When NFTs hit mainstream usage, the Axie Infinity gaim by indie studio Sky Mavis took off. Surpsingly enough, even when all the hype over NFTs started to cool down a bit after exploding for a few months, Axie Infinity just got even bigger and better.

How Does It Work?

The Axie Infinity game runs on the Ethereum blockchain with the help of Ronin. Ronin is a sidechain that helps minimise fees and transaction delays.

The premise is turn-based battles—either against computer-controlled Axie teams or live opponents over the internet. Basically, it’s just like Pokemon—only you get to earn—or lose!—money while battling other monsters. The in-game items are NFTs—in Axie’s case, these are the Axies and the land plots.

You can earn money by trading Axies on the Axie Infinity marketplace for real money. There is also an option to breed Axies, which lets you build potentially more powerful teams and let you earn additional NFTs to sell on the marketplace.

Some Axies have sold for a mind-boggling amount of 300 ETH apiece!

Why Is Everyone Hyping It Up?

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Creating a sustainable play-to-earn ecosystem is very hard. The only one that has been able to do it so far is Axie Infinity, so the increasing interest in the AXS coin is very much warranted.

All the hype has allowed Axie Infinity to create its own player-owned economy. There are thousands of “Axie scholars” through programs conducted by some of the more seasoned players. In these scenarios, Axie owners loan their NFTs to other players to use and earn with. The profits are divided amongst the parties.

How Do I get Started With Axie Infinity?

You will need three Axie NFTs to start playing the game. You will also need to create a Ronin wallet and have an Ethereum wallet as well.

What Is the AXS Token?

Axie Infinity Shard or AXS is the native governance token of the Axie Infinity network. You can use the AXS coin to pay for breeding fees. Axie Infinity tokens have been blowing up since their ICO.

Where Can I Buy AXS?

AXS is available on most of the big exchange platforms. You can buy the coin on Binance, FTX, Huobi Global, and eToro. It looks like the best bet among these platforms is eToro, in our view, since it has the most convenient app that can be used through several different devices.

You can also purchase AXS on decentralised exchanges like Uniswap and SushiSwap.

Technical Analysis


The latest technical analysis for AXS token price from FXStreet is slightly bearish in the very short-term. The coin is running the slight risk of returning to $45, since it seems to lack enough momentum to break out of its resistance level. It could pull back down to test the support at $50 to $52 range.

The AXS price is also forming a descending triangle. It has yet to complete a logarithmic 50% retracement since its all-time high—the only one out of all the other altcoins in FXStreet’s universe. Therefore, there could be a downward trend in the near future.

Definitely Not Without Backers!

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, managed to raise $7.5 million for the game through famous backers like billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Other investors include Blocktower Capital, Konvoy Ventures, Livertus, Collab + Currency’s Derek Schloss, and Stephen McKeon.