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Crypto Genius Review 2023 – Is This App Legit or a Scam?

After our in-depth evaluation Crypto Genius, we’ve come to the conclusion that this brand is a legit platform that partners with regulated brokers. If you want to explore the novel trading services Crypto Genius’s partners offer, fill in the form below, and a personal account manager will contact you in no time.

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This Crypto Genius Review Article will discuss the legitimacy of the App. Since 2009, the world of cryptocurrency trading has provided financial opportunities to countless people at levels unheard of in the history of finance. 

But many experts predict that the past performance of cryptocurrencies in the last decade is minuscule compared to what could be in store for cryptocurrency traders in the future.

The opportunities of virtual money like crypto haven’t gone unnoticed. There are now countless people around the globe seeking a chance to get on board. In 2021 alone, The user index for that year revealed a 97% confidence in cryptocurrencies.

There is an abundance of platforms geared towards beginners to cater to demand. But sadly, there are a lot of scams seeking to take advantage of inexperienced traders. But how do you figure out which is a scam and which is legit? Well, that’s where we come in to help.

One particular platform taking the trading world by storm is the Crypto Genius app. We’ve heard lots of chatter about the benefits of the Crypto Genius system, so we decided to conduct an in-depth review to help you figure out if it’s legit or a scam and how it all works. 

Now, let’s begin!

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Crypto Genius App: Is It a Trading Platform or Not?

At first glance, many newcomers and professional traders alike mistakenly assume that Crypto Genius is a trading platform. But it’s much more innovative than that. So first off, let’s explain just how the Crypto Genius app works. 

This online platform connects new and experienced investors with some of the most trusted and reputable cryptocurrency brokers around.

After you open a trading account with Crypto Genius, you’re paired with the most suitable broker that fits your needs. Through the latter, you’ll gain access to automated crypto trading opportunities whether you wish to trade manually or make use of automated trading accounts. 

The Crypto Genius app claims that its technology can provide crypto traders with a revolutionary trading experience that is beginner-friendly. 

Its partner brokers can provide a wide range of trading tools that allow new crypto traders to get acquainted with trading parameters and investing strategies.

Many of Crypto Genius’s trusted brokers that it works with utilize AI-powered trading technology. This allows you to identify market trends and predict price movements to, ideally, make the potential profits that the cryptocurrency investing world is known for.

Key Features of the Crypto Genius Platform

So, we’ve covered an overview of what Crypto Genius is and just how it works. Next, we’ll sum up some of its most popular features.

  • Quick, accessible, and efficient account registration with a low minimum deposit of $250
  • A free dedicated account manager to help you along with your investing journey
  • Access to trustworthy and reputable brokers in multiple regions worldwide to implement trading strategies on the decentralized financial markets.
  • A demo trading account allows you to get to grips with market analysis and trading and risk parameters without risking your initial deposit in live Bitcoin trading.
  • Access to the cryptocurrency market with a wide range of digital currencies to invest in that offer opportunities for profitable trades.

Is Crypto Genius a Scam or Legit?

Due to the wide range of partner brokers Crypto Genius works with, it makes bold claims to provide one of the most effective automated crypto trading platform experiences.

But due to its commonly-talked about name, Crypto Genius has seen multiple duplicate sites pop up around it trying to piggyback off their reputation. So what’s the deal: Is it a scam or legit?

It’s a valid question. There are a lot of unscrupulous and unregulated brokerages out there who make it their mission to rip off investors. This is why Crypto Genius only works with trusted, well-established, and fully regulated brokers.

A promising aspect of their website is that they don’t promise a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, they outline the risks associated with crypto trading. But thanks to the brokers they work with, they claim to offer a successful profit rate of over 95%.

Apart from some instances, crypto trading takes time to earn a consistent profit, and it’s just as easy to lose money as it is to make it. As Crypto Genius clearly states this on its website and only works with reputable brokers, we believe it is indeed a legit platform.

How to Start Trading With Crypto Genius

For new investors, the initial hurdle to sign up to a platform and start trading crypto can be so tiresome it can dissuade them entirely. Thankfully, Crypto Genius has brought a revolutionary signup process to help beginners along. It can be summed up in three simple steps;

  • Initial registration: First off, you need to provide the platform with some basic details to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Once approved, you’ll be assigned an account with a free dedicated manager to help you along.
  • Fund your account and make a deposit: Now, you need to deposit to start buying crypto. This is set at a low minimum deposit of $250. Depositing funds for the minimum deposit to the platform can be done via bank transfers or other methods, as can the withdrawal process.
  • Start a live trading session: Then, you can start buying Bitcoin and other high-performance cryptocurrencies in live trading sessions while taking advantage of the various trading tools on offer. 

When testing out the Crypto Genius app on the crypto market, the registration process was refreshingly simple compared to many similar platforms. Primarily due to its low minimum deposit.

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Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

From humble beginnings, cryptocurrency has surged to become a prominent player on the world stage that is going nowhere anytime soon. The crypto market is growing at an incredible pace.

As well as the range of innovative uses it has brought to the world through decentralized technology, Bitcoin has also seen a return on investment unrivaled by any investment in history.

Bitcoin, for example, has surged from a mere US$0.08 to US$68,649 since it was created in 2009. Many experts believe the original cryptocurrency could outdo this performance in the future.

And it’s not just Bitcoin. Diversity is key. Just check out the phenomenal price journey of the likes of Ethereum and Dogecoin to get an idea of what cryptocurrencies can achieve. But where does the Crypto Genius website fit into all of this, I hear you ask?

What better way to start investing in the future of cryptocurrencies than by a legit platform that has partnered with some of the biggest crypto brokers in the world to provide the ultimate trading experience for beginners. 

Of course, nobody can tell the future. But if the coming years are anything like the previous, cryptocurrency has a bright future ahead and will potentially be a good investment for many.

Crypto Genius FAQs

Crypto Genius FAQs

Such an innovative platform like Crypto Genius naturally summons many valid questions. We had many of our own before using it. So in this section of our Crypto Genius review, we’ll answer some FAQs.

Is Crypto Genius a Scam?

Overall, we examined Crypto Genius in close detail to determine if it’s a scam or legit. In summary, this is a legit platform. This is based on its clear disclaimers, explanations of trading risks, and partnerships with prominent brokerages. Scam platforms almost exclusively lack all of these features.

At this point, it’s also worth noting that this is merely our opinion. We are in no way affiliated or connected with the Crypto Genius platform.

Is Crypto Genius Free?

Yes, you can sign up for Crypto Genius for free. The only cost involved is the initial $250 deposit. But this is yours to invest with, withdraw or trade with as you wish. 

Can I Begin Live Trading Immediately?

Yes, you can. We were impressed with how fast we could begin trading as soon as we met the basic trading requirements needed by the Crypto Genius platform. We also had a dedicated account manager to help us along every step of the way.

How Much Can I Make With Crypto Genius?

Last but not least is a question asked by many prospective investors. How much can you make? While we’d love to know the answer, it’s impossible to know. There is no limit to how much profit you can make on a platform like Crypto Genius. But as cryptocurrency trading is also risky, you can also make a loss. So always do your research and invest responsibly. 

Is Using a Trading Robot on a Partner Broker’s Platform Safe?

While the Crypto Genius app is not a Bitcoin trading robot or automated trading system, the broker partners it works with offer this tool. Yes, trading robots on a partner broker’s platform are generally safe to use and, when used with trading signals, can potentially tremendously increase profits if used correctly. However, it’s worth visiting the official Crypto Genius website to see their coverage of the trading robot services and other automated trading software on offer and how they work. But generally, trading bots are not recommended for beginners. 

What is the Withdrawal Process Like?

When you make a profit on crypto, it’s only natural for you to want to withdraw your earnings. The Crypto Genius team has made the withdrawal process seamless as their trading system. So you can execute trades and remove the potential profits into a local bank account with ease.

So, How Is Crypto Genius Software Different From Other Trading Platforms?

There’s a good reason we decided to focus on Crypto Genius software and not other trading platforms. Overall, it’s a trustworthy and legit platform that works with some incredibly trusted brokerage partners. 

Crypto Genius software is also ideal for beginner investors finding their feet in the crypto market. Especially due to the availability of a demo account. These are all features that many similar platforms cannot boast about. 

Have Any Celebrities Endorsed Crypto Genius?

Market analysis shows a variety of celebrities worldwide who have actively invested in Bitcoin, from Mike Tyson to Elon Musk. However, this is often used by scam platforms to gain some legitimacy. Many claim that celebrities made their initial investment in the cryptocurrency markets via their platform.

So have any celebrities endorsed the Crypto Genius application? No, they haven’t, and Crypto Genius clearly states this on their website to avoid misunderstandings. 

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A Summary of the Crypto Genius Review

Trustworthiness, reliability, and ease of use are valid concerns of new crypto investors and expert traders alike when choosing a new platform. Many crypto trading platforms utilize unscrupulous methods to draw in new users and, overall, are a scam.

This Crypto Genius review has revealed a legit platform to start trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies in a safe, beginner-friendly, and efficient way.

From a transparent and honest profile that makes the realities of crypto trading clear to prospective users to successful partnerships with significant brokerages around the world, there are a lot of aspects to Crypto Genius’s level of trustworthiness that tell us the Crypto Genius app is not a scam.

And to round off, it’s worth mentioning that the success rate of trading opportunities can vary from person to person. When making cryptocurrency trades, there is a high chance of losing profit as much as it’s possible to make a good investment and increase profits. This reminds us, time for a disclaimer as we round off this Crypto Genius review!


The information in this Crypto Genius review cannot be considered investment advice. Do your due diligence when planning investment and consult with a professional first. To understand the risk of investments, please read the text down below.