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Our Mission

Our Mission

Dart Europe is dedicated to helping you understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Our team does this by providing you with the key concepts in the blockchain industry and will publish theses and technical articles on these topics. We promise to keep you updated on the latest trends, the newest innovations, and potential future opportunities. We would like to impact your lives positively by unraveling the details about trading and investing and giving you tips and tricks on how you might become a more successful player on this market. Dart Europe understands that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, because it is not controlled nor it is regulated by any central authority. However, we believe that through the learning process, we can altogether end up way better-off compared to the moment when we have started investing time and resources in this tricky financial endeavor.

Cryptocurrency trading

Blockchain Technology

We are working to make the crypto world as accessible as possible. Many people believe that blockchain technology has the revolutionary potential to change the industries and to create new business and economic models. The blockchain network itself is free from manipulation and is very cost-effective. Its improved data integrity and accessibility also have an essential impact on choosing it over the centralized network. We also treat this innovation as a great opportunity to solve many existential problems like social inequality, through equalizing the gap between the rich and the poor.

Our team

Our Team

We have a team of experts who are constantly working on improving the information we provide to our audience. We believe that such a crypto environment will be beneficial for everyone who comes across it. Our team will try to give you the latest crypto news, to make educational videos, and to analyze the market movements in a more technical way. The team brings substantial industry knowledge to our followers by keeping them informed about the latest price movements by examining the current situation on the market and the causes behind these fluctuations.

Our plan
Our Plan

We are looking for proactive individuals who have immense interest in the cryptocurrency industry. We classify ourselves as dynamic and motivated professionals who are eager to explore this new world while embracing both its infinite possibilities and daunting challenges. Our plan is to help you understand the real meaning behind blockchain and to pave your path as you walk into this adventure with us. We will strive for perfection with our articles and daily updates, although we know perfection is a hypothetically impossible destination. However, our team will do its best to structure everything and explain the details in the most self-explanatory way.

Bitcoin vs Financial Institutions
Bitcoin vs. Other Financial Institutions

In its nature, Bitcoin is a decentralized global cryptocurrency. The information in it is encrypted, while our personal details that are stored in banks can be easily accessed and hence, leaked and stolen. The cryptocurrency is an innovation with an open-source code covered in mathematic algorithms and encryption. The main problem with the banking system is that the rich people get even richer and this creates an even greater gap between the different social classes. Hence, our main goal would be to show you this new possible financial reality where your investments and savings are not regulated by the government.