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Bitcoin Prime Review 2023: Legit or Scam? A Must Read

After our in-depth evaluation Bitcoin Prime, we’ve come to the conclusion that this brand is a legit platform that partners with regulated brokers. If you want to explore the novel trading services Bitcoin Prime’s partners offer, fill in the form below, and a personal account manager will contact you in no time.

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By clicking the button above, you accept our platform’s Terms and Conditions. It also means that you have read our Privacy Policy carefully and agreed. Remember that registering gives us the freedom to share your personal information with our third-party partners. Reread our disclaimer page if you do not understand the terms of our services. Trading carries some level of risk. We expect that you do your own research before investing.

Bitcoin Prime Review, you can connect with the best and most reputable brokers from around the world who offer incredible automated trading robots. Such cryptocurrency trading robots can be fully customised based on the risks that you are willing to take, the nature of your trades, strategy, and overall plan. Trading robots are seen as a godsend in the cryptocurrency trading community, especially amongst experts who want to execute trades faster. 

Websites on the Internet claim you can make plus-minus 1,000 Euros on a daily basis when using automated trading robots. In addition, there are rumours that a number of celebrities, public figures, and reality TV stars are also using auto trading platform robots to their advantage.

Our Verdict of Bitcoin Prime:

In spite of the fact that we cannot confirm these allegations, the hype surrounding this one-of-a-kind opportunity certainly makes it interesting to review. Here are some of the most prominent features, at first glance, you can take advantage of once you’re connected with one of Bitcoin Prime’s partners:

  • Demo accounts
  • A diverse array of available cryptocurrencies
  • Up-to-date news alerts
  • Reliable mobile apps available for both iOS and Android
  • Begin trading for $250
  • Access to an auto trading robot
  • Withdraw funds with ease
  • Copy Trading that allows you to copy trading strategies from leading brokers
  • Useful graphs of the cryptocurrency market, prices, and liquidity

In this Bitcoin Prime review, we will take a closer look at the Bitcoin Prime platform, Bitcoin Prime app, Bitcoin Prime crypto robot, and more. Also, we will review what the Bitcoin Prime platform actually does, figure out and examine whether it is legit or just another Bitcoin Prime scam, its core features, steps required to create an account, the verification process, and any rumoured endorsements of Bitcoin Prime made by celebrities, public figures, businesses, and influencers. 

We have been made aware that a large number of websites on the Internet attract traders through unethical practices and false celebrity endorsements, making the people who bite onto the opportunity engage and trade with unregulated brokers and unauthorised call centres.

We would always advise our readers to report such websites and refrain from interacting with entities that state to be legitimate without establishing their legitimacy. The Bitcoin Prime platform and every brokerage firm that they’ve partnered with fully comply with all regulatory requirements imposed.

Saying that, it is also worth mentioning that once the users make registration through the Bitcoin Prime platform and access their services, making this review a marketing offer, they have to make sure the broker’s services comply with local laws and directives. 

What Is Bitcoin Prime?

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 A Legitimate Platform Linked With Leading Brokerage Firms Worldwide

Bitcoin Prime is responsible for safely and securely connecting you with the most reputable and renowned crypto trading brokerage firms in your area. All brokerage firms represented by Bitcoin Prime are fully compliant with all necessary regulations.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, Bitcoin Prime claims that thanks to their vast worldwide network and partnerships with reputable brokerage firms, they can help you get started with your trading career right away.

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 A Platform Launched Amid the Increases in Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin Prime was established under a fintech consortium in early 2019. The platform claims that users can potentially generate profits by making use of the automated trading robots and tools, which are powered by AI technology.

As a platform, Bitcoin Prime claims that trades can be done faster than other trading programmes and currently used algorithms in the cryptocurrency market, allowing traders to process trades in seconds.

This financial innovation is ideal for swing traders, regular traders, current traders, and expert traders. Saying that, you should always ensure you are using a trusted auto trading platform to potentially maximise your profits, especially in the present state of the Bitcoin trading market.

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 A Trading Platform Driven by Advanced Artificial Intelligence or AI

In the event of a volatile cryptocurrency market, which is quite a regular occurrence in the crypto space, traders often have a very difficult time managing the risks involved.

Circuit Board

When using the Bitcoin Prime platform, your cryptocurrency experience will be a lot easier and stress-free, especially if you are a beginner, thanks to the AI-powered auto trading robot.

Even if users start trading with the minimum deposit amount of $250, they could still benefit from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market by making use of the automated trading robot provided by one of Bitcoin Prime’s trusted broker partners.

Popular Questions Asked about Bitcoin Prime

Popular Questions Asked about Bitcoin Prime

Is Trading Easy Using Bitcoin Prime?

Though everybody knows that trading is challenging, starting trading could be significantly easier when using the Bitcoin Prime platform. With Bitcoin Prime’s partner brokerage firms, you’ll not be left to trade your favourite cryptocurrencies alone as you’ll have direct access to the popular automated trading robot and tools they give you access to.

By choosing to use a Bitcoin Prime demo or practice trading account, you can learn trading and practice without risking your hard-earned money. 

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Can Users Automate Trades Using Bitcoin Prime?

Yes. With Bitcoin Prime, you can gain exclusive access to top auto crypto trading robots. In fact, this remains to be Bitcoin Prime’s top feature, which sets it apart from the competition.

As we have previously mentioned, such trading robots can greatly help both beginner and experienced traders who know precisely how to utilise trading robots and are knowledgeable about the ventures they are going to invest in.

Do note that while trading robots can help you on your trading journey to a great extent, they should only be used to assist you in your trades and not completely replace you. It’s also worth mentioning that the trading robots can also make mistakes, which can cost you more money, so it is of fundamental importance that you stay on top of your investment at all times.


Can Traders Manually Configure Bitcoin Prime’s Default Algorithm?

Yes. Every user registered through the Bitcoin Prime platform can fully customise their trading robot as per their trading strategy and the risks they are willing to take. 

This helps each individual trader to tailor their trading strategy accordingly in order to maximise their returns on investment. Traders can configure their trading robots to immediately sell cryptocurrencies when the price reaches a certain level, or configure the crypto robot to buy cryptocurrencies automatically in times of bear or weakish markets, and even during price declines and massive price dips.

Even though the cryptocurrency trading robot is customisable, traders who don’t really know how to operate these great tools can simply use the default settings and go from there.

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Does Bitcoin Prime Use Fake Marketing?

It’s no secret that many websites, marketers, trading platforms, and applications across the Internet use fake reviews and tell their users that they can profit a lot of money. Bitcoin Prime isn’t one of them.

Saying that, you should also be aware that a lot of Bitcoin Prime scam websites have been mimicking the official Bitcoin Prime website. These are fraudulent, copycat websites found online that use deceptive marketing tactics. Needless to say, they should not be trusted. Bitcoin Prime is not linked with any of these Bitcoin Prime scam attempts that are spread all over the Internet. It is recommended that you always proceed with caution and make sure that it is the real Bitcoin Prime website that you are transacting with. 

The real Bitcoin Prime platform states that there is always a considerable degree of uncertainty or risk associated with trading, especially for trades involving real money. With that being said, Bitcoin Prime takes the interests of their traders as their utmost concern. Before venturing into advanced trading tools, traders have to make wise decisions on their investments and accumulate a decent amount of experience before investing.

It is also crucial for them to be aware of bullish and bearish markets. There is also the option to fast-track profits by seeking investment advice from a financial adviser or an investing professional. The choice really is up to you.

Below are some of the top reasons why the Bitcoin Prime platform isn’t using fake marketing, and why traders like you should not have doubts about using Bitcoin Prime:

  • The Bitcoin Prime platform is upfront about the fact that traders should only trade if they are willing to lose their investment.
  • There are registration and verification processes in place designed to keep the trader’s account safe.
  • Bitcoin Prime fully complies with the regulations imposed by any regulatory authorities in their area of operation.
  • The user base of Bitcoin Prime consists of both beginner and seasoned traders.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legal?

Yes, the Bitcoin Prime platform is absolutely legal. As a legitimate platform, Bitcoin Prime only partners up with other legitimate brokerage firms to ensure you are fully compliant with trading regulations.

The Bitcoin Prime trademark, the Bitcoin Prime app, and the Bitcoin Prime official website have an excellent track record in providing reliable services to its users. This is all offered to traders like you for your safety and security, as well as to improve your chances of trading and investing your money with success.

Please note that Bitcoin Prime is solely linked with leading brokerage firms. It is always a good idea for you to check the broker’s credentials prior to entrusting them with your information, trading history, and trading preferences. It’s also a good idea to check if they comply with the local crypto rules in your country of residence.

What Are CFDs and How Do They Work

CFD means Contract for Difference. CFD is a method of trading whereby traders agree with regulated brokers to invest in a wide array of assets on contracts rather than directly investing in the volatile market. Such assets can include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Trading CFDs entails speculating on cryptocurrency prices even if you do not currently hold cryptocurrencies in your possession. 

Traders particularly prefer CFDs over any other mode of investment primarily because of leverage. With CFD brokers, traders are able to use leverage to their advantage by obtaining a substantial worth of the currency even against small amounts of initial capital.

Using leverage when trading cryptocurrencies carries a great amount of risk. The higher the leverage, the higher the risk that you will be taking as a trader. Do note that this also means that if things go right for your trade, your profits will be much greater too.

Let’s imagine this scenario as an example. Suppose you buy 1 Bitcoin for $30,000 and decide to leverage at 5x its face value. By leveraging your single Bitcoin at 5x, you are actually borrowing fiat currency worth $120,000 from your trusted broker. In effect, you are investing a total of $150,000 worth of Bitcoin, even if only $30,000 is coming from your own funds.

Keep in mind that you have leveraged your Bitcoins at 5x leverage. Suppose the Bitcoin price goes up. If the price increases, your investment would greatly appreciate in value. You would be able to experience gains of not only 1 Bitcoin but rather the gains of 5 Bitcoins. Leveraging it at 5x makes it seem like you own 5 Bitcoins. However, the opposite is just as true. Suppose the price decreases, your $30,000 will likewise decrease in value for 5x the effect.

This aftermath will leave you with a margin of error of just 20%. Suppose Bitcoin investment drops below 20% from your initial capital, you must be able to offset your losses so that you would not continue losing your initial investment. You can either invest more in your active trading account, which is what most day traders or swing traders would do or let your investment continuously decline and risk losing 100% of your $30,000 investment.

The inherent volatility involved in CFDs is why leveraging is not always recommended for novices or traders with low-risk appetites. With that being said, stakes are particularly high when trading cryptocurrency CFDs, to the point of people getting emotional over the probabilities of losing voluminous amounts of hard-earned money.

As of January 1, 2021, cryptocurrency CFDs are no longer permitted for trading in the United Kingdom due to the high risks involved with leveraged trading.

How Bitcoin Prime Works

Bitcoin Prime is responsible for linking its users with leading brokerage firms worldwide. Once you have signed up, Bitcoin Prime will need to verify your information. A matching brokerage firm will promptly be connected to you. Then, the trading platform will provide you with all of their exclusive features, including the auto trading robot.

To commence your investing journey using Bitcoin Prime, you will only need an initial investment of $250. If you think you are still unprepared for real trading sessions and would want to experience a simulation of real-life trading whilst not losing any of your hard-earned money, then consider using the Bitcoin Prime practice or demo account available upon your successful registration. Trading on your demo account will allow you to take as much risk as you want without any real-life consequences on your finances.

Suppose you have made the decision to utilise the trading tool available and provided by your chosen broker, you can then set trading parameters to your own liking and to your own satisfaction and risk that you’re willing to take.

Do keep in mind that robots are not meant to replace your role as the primary decision-maker, and all gains and losses will be credited and charged respectively to you, the trader.

Traders that have signed up through the Bitcoin Prime system will also get access to an account manager completely for free. This account manager specifically helps traders navigate their trading journey and provides them with all the necessary tools each step of the way.

The Hot Seat: Is Bitcoin Prime Legit or a Scam?

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A lot of traders and financial freedom seekers have come forward to say that they’ve made profits using the Bitcoin Prime platform. As such, they can attest to Bitcoin Prime as a legitimate platform. The users who use Bitcoin Prime claim that the platform is working and definitely isn’t a scam in their books.

To clarify, all that Bitcoin Prime does is link you to reputable, leading brokerage firms that will later offer you trading tools crucial to your trading success. The said brokerage firms operate using the MetaTrader 4 software.

Bitcoin Prime has used a lot of publicity stunts in order to get the attention of a diverse audience of cryptocurrency traders. Beginners and seasoned traders react differently to publicity materials and tend to digest information a lot differently from each other.

Having considered this, Bitcoin Prime has resorted to using a wide range of ad campaigns. For example, there have been allegations about financial influencers, celebrities, television personalities, pop stars, and figures of public interest endorsing the Bitcoin Prime platform.

Below, we will dig deeper into the Bitcoin Prime platform so that in the end, you can make your own mind as to whether or not you’d like to start your cryptocurrency trading journey using the Bitcoin Prime platform.

Bitcoin Prime: Its Core Features 

Demo Accounts

Among Bitcoin Prime’s core features is the presence of free accounts used for practising your strategies. Each trader using this great trading platform is entitled to access to demo accounts, which are automatically made available for users who have successfully registered. Demo accounts are highly recommended to rookie traders who are just starting out and are seeking more experience in the world of crypto live trading.

While we emphasize that demo accounts are mainly intended for rookie traders, it is also worth mentioning that seasoned traders are also free to utilize them. Demo accounts benefit beginner and seasoned traders by offering them a safe space to employ new strategies never tried before prior to using them in live trading sessions. It is crucial for experienced traders to try new strategies first before risking any investment out there, no matter the odds of achieving profitable trades.

It is worth noting that demo accounts of Bitcoin Prime are completely free. Following the successful registration and verification of the trader’s account, the trader will then be free to either trade directly through live trading sessions or accumulate knowledge and confidence first by using the demo accounts offered by Bitcoin Prime’s partners. 

Reliable Verification System

Bitcoin Prime has a reliable verification system. Creating an account with Bitcoin Prime and their partner’s live trading platform is very safe and secure. Your initial investment and private information are protected at all times.

Upon registration, Bitcoin Prime will be prompting the trader to provide personal information such as their phone number, name, address, billing details, and any other information relevant to the application. 

Aside from requiring personal data and other important information, Bitcoin Prime also requires traders to prove their identities. Requiring credible proof of identity adds an impenetrable level of security and a sense of ownership over your Bitcoin Prime account. The verification process blocks hackers from infiltrating the live trading platform and using it for their own gain. 

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In addition to a reliable verification process, Bitcoin Prime also offers SSL encryption and tokenization. Almost all legit websites utilise SSL encryption, and for a good reason – the security of their traders. You can be assured of Bitcoin Prime’s legitimacy just by its use of SSL encryption and tokenization.

Many users ask, “Is Bitcoin Prime legit?” To answer that, it is worth mentioning that Bitcoin Prime complies with all legal regulations regarding marketing imposed by the governing bodies. This guarantees traders that Bitcoin Prime is a legitimate and legal platform.

Considering the live trading platform requires users to present identification when withdrawing profits, it is a sign that the platform is concerned about the private interests of traders, as well as the interests of the different regulatory bodies in every country where it is operational.

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Withdrawals and Deposits

Withdrawing and depositing of funds is made convenient when using the Bitcoin Prime platform. Bitcoin Prime connects traders with brokers who have a hassle-free system of withdrawals and deposits. Traders’ deposits and confirmation of withdrawals are reflected in a matter of seconds in real-time in their respective accounts. 

Deposits are accommodated in a number of convenient ways, but it ultimately depends on the methods of payment that your broker accommodates. The most used methods of payment that most brokers use are Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill.

While confirmation of withdrawals is instantly reflected, withdrawing money does take longer. In the majority of cases, your money will be reflected in your bank account within around 24 hours.

Sometimes, in rare cases, it can take a little longer. Rest assured that your funds will be duly withdrawn and deposited securely at your disposal.

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Mobile Trading App of Bitcoin Prime

Traders are busy people, and Bitcoin Prime knows that. Unlike the vast majority of platforms, Bitcoin Prime takes convenience to the next level by offering a mobile application that is installable on both iOS and Android devices. This means that users can access their trading account on both desktop and mobile devices.

Characteristics of Bitcoin Prime

Easy to Use

Traders are fortunate enough to have access to a platform like Bitcoin Prime. Its super beginner-friendly interface and navigation menu make it one of the preferred platforms for users who aren’t so tech-savvy or knowledgeable when it comes to technology.

Bitcoin Prime offers a stellar solution to complicated-looking websites.

Wide Variety of Cryptocurrencies 

The name might be ‘Bitcoin Prime’, but the platform’s offerings don’t simply end there. Aside from the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, other altcoins such as Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin can also be traded.

Currency pairs are also found on the trading platform and can be availed of by traders. For instance, the most known currency pairs such as BTC/USD and BTC/EUR.

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Linked with Leading Brokers

As a platform compliant with all the necessary regulations, Bitcoin Prime has vetted every single one of its partners and ensured that they all follow the rules and laws that are applicable to their country.

This way, traders can invest their hard-earned money in a safe and fair environment that has the traders interest as a top priority. Yet, it’s always your responsibility to ensure the services offered are legal in your country of residence.

Create an Account: Registration and Verification at Bitcoin Prime

bitcoin prime login page

Opening up a Bitcoin Prime account is a super simple and easy process that can be done by virtually anybody. Here is a step by step process to opening a Bitcoin Prime account.

Step 1: Register at Bitcoin Prime

  • Go to Bitcoin Prime’s official website.
  • Locate the section that says Register.
  • Proceed and fill out all the personal information necessary—first name, last name, email address, and mobile phone number.
  • Upon registration, geolocation will determine the nearest reputable brokers near you, and they will instantly reach out to you.
  • In this stage, brokers might proceed to ask you for other important information—complete residence address, previous trading experience, your net worth, and more.
bitcoin prime registration from

 Step 2: Depositing $250 as the Minimum Initial Amount

  • Select one payment method out of the multiple payment options. Brokers usually prefer payments transferred over Visa, Skrill, Neteller, and MasterCard.
  • An initial investment amounting to $250 is necessary prior to being verified and gaining access to your Bitcoin Prime account.
  • Deposits usually reflect in your Bitcoin Prime account immediately, but do note that sometimes, it can take some minutes or hours.
payment methods visa mastercard skrill neteller

Step 3: Visiting Your Bitcoin Prime Demo Account

  • After successfully passing the registration and verification process, you’re all set to try the demo account.

The demo account allows you to perform trades risk-free as you will be using virtual currency as opposed to your own money. If you’re confident enough in your trading skills and want to start trading with real money right away, you can also choose to do that.

Step 4: Configuring Bitcoin Prime Manually

  • If you deem that you are familiar with the features of the platform Bitcoin Prime gives you access to, you can now make a choice to manually configure the Bitcoin Prime trading robot based on the risks that you’re happy to take.

Countries Where Bitcoin Prime Operates

Below is a list of countries where Bitcoin Prime operates. Although the list is not directly confirmed by the official Bitcoin Prime website, below is a list of countries where citizens freely use the Bitcoin Prime platform. This is also a list of countries where most traders are geographically located.

Australia, Kenya, Lesotho, New Zealand, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom* No CFDs, Zimbabwe

Generating Profits with Bitcoin Prime

Investing carries a degree of risk. As such, profits are never guaranteed and are a product of successfully executed strategies. This applies whether it is for property, stocks, or cryptocurrency trading.

Similar to traditional trading, making money with Bitcoin Prime depends on a lot of factors. Below are examples of such factors:

  • Amount of initial investment
  • Level of involvement of the investor in his/her investments
  • Level of experience of the investor
  • Risk level taken by the investor
  • Volatility of the market
  • The aftermaths of supply and demand

Tips in Using Bitcoin Prime for Beginner Investors

Beginner Investors Are Encouraged to Diversify Their Portfolio

Beginner traders tend to put all of their eggs in one basket. If the market goes up, they win. However, if the market goes down, they lose. This is gambling and not investing, and because of that, traders shouldn’t invest more than they can afford to lose.

The best way to protect your investment from inevitable depreciation is through diversification of your portfolio.

There are plenty of cryptocurrencies out there. It is wise to invest in multiple different cryptocurrencies to protect the overall value of your portfolio. By investing in multiple assets, your portfolio will not be as skewed to one direction, suppose the market falters.

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Beginner Investors Must Make Educated Decisions

Beginners often fall for investing in investments they do not understand. This is a surefire way to lose more money. Not only will this be counterintuitive, but it also increases the risk of losing capital as opposed to appreciating the value of your portfolio. At the very least, traders must do their homework with regard to the cryptocurrencies they want to trade.

The trading robots Bitcoin Prime gives access to should always be treated as trading assistants as opposed to the decision-makers of your account. They are made to automate the trading process for you, not to decide on your behalf. The decision still lies in your hands.

Beginners should also make guesses based on empirical data and prior experience. Market analysis is better done objectively based on both past and current market trends. Avoid relying on intuition, reverse psychology, and feelings.

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Endorsements of Bitcoin Prime from Famous Personalities

Please, note that there’s no proof of celebrities using Bitcoin Prime. Alarmingly, many bogus sites and competitors keep abusing such claims and fake news to lure people into trading. Always do your own research and trade at your own risk.


A number of Bitcoin Prime endorsement articles are in circulation all over the Internet that are said to be published by the government-operated British Broadcasting Corporation, most commonly known as the BBC. Upon taking a closer look, none of the articles carrying BBC’s logo and advertising Bitcoin Prime are legitimate.

BBC News

❓ Bill Gates

A figure representing software firm Microsoft, Bill Gates has never made any sort of investment in Bitcoin Prime. There is currently no compelling evidence that substantiates the fact that Bill Gates has endorsed Bitcoin Prime, nor does he plan to do so in the future.

Bill Gates

❓ Elon Musk

Musk is a highly respected influencer in the cryptocurrency domain and in the global stock markets. However, Musk has not made any statement openly endorsing an auto trading system or the Bitcoin Prime platform.

Elon Musk


This Bitcoin Prime review concludes that traders often have a hard time managing their diverse array of investments because of how volatile the prices in the cryptocurrency markets are. As a result, the Bitcoin Prime platform has partnered up with a number of reputable trading brokerage firms all over the world who offer different traders automated trading robots and services.

Bitcoin Prime also offers its user’s access to practice accounts, which allow traders to test out trading methods and strategies using virtual currencies before using their hard-earned money.

We always recommend every trader to conduct their due diligence before investing with any given platform out there. We’d like to conclude this review of Bitcoin Prime by saying that it is a fully legitimate platform that anybody can register on and begin their cryptocurrency trading career with as little as $250.


The information in this Bitcoin Prime review cannot be considered investment advice. Do your due diligence when planning investment and consult with a professional first. To understand the risk of investments, please read the text down below.