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Bitcoin Formula Review [2023]: Is the System Legit?

Bitcoin Formula review

Ever wondered if you can access the crypto market without being at the mercy of supposed gatekeepers? Well, this Bitcoin Formula review will tell, as this crypto platform has come to give you the gateway to true decentralisation. Of course, you may have written yourself off of gaining such an opportunity, but you never say never in this life.

Based on our research of the platform, we discovered that the Bitcoin Formula was far different from those crypto tools, with no evidence of what they claim to be. Bitcoin Formula claims to be a powerful tool for anyone to access the crypto market. True or false? This well-researched article will tell.

With its swift website speed, Bitcoin Formula is one of the leading platforms helping thousands of beginners venture into cryptocurrency trading with aids to ensure they do not get lost. Before deep diving into everything there is to know about Bitcoin Formula, let’s rate the platform.

Rating- 4.85/5

Now, we might agree that the Bitcoin Formula might be suitable for crypto traders, but still, there are a few draw-downs. That said, let’s check out the pros and cons of using the Bitcoin Formula platform.

Bitcoin Formula gives users unrestricted access to top crypt brokers from around the world.The website interface is not in line with the most recent tech designs.
Safe and secure website so you never have to worry about data breach.The volatility of the crypto market may be a factor that scares investors.
The Bitcoin Formula website works well on almost internet-compatible devices with no significant difference in speed or load time.
Bitcoin Formula does not deceive users with fake claims. Every information on the website has been vetted to be valid.

So, you are now aware of the benefits and disadvantages. But let’s assume you’ve decided to try out the platform. How exactly do you get started? The Bitcoin Formula has made this part easy. You only need to follow the straightforward steps below and boom! You’re in!

Step 1

Visit the Bitcoin Formula official website and register for a free account.

Step 2

Connect with a broker and verify your account.

Step 3

Fund your trading account with a minimum deposit of $250.

Step 4

Begin your cryptocurrency trading journey!

“Investing in Crypto is like being married, you have to keep going through the good and the bad, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer TILL death do us part. HODL”

― Najah Roberts

Who Should Read This Bitcoin Formula Review?

This Bitcoin Formula review is not just for those who have seen the ins and outs of the Bitcoin market. We dived deep into it mainly because of beginners in the crypto world. So, if you have some experience, a self-proclaimed expert, or are a complete beginner, you should read this Bitcoin Formula review. As the famous saying goes, ‘no knowledge is wasted.’ Even if you are an avid user of the platform or you’ve heard of it, there are complete details in this review that you most likely did not know. Read on!

Do you know what is more interesting? Traditional institutions that have called Bitcoin a bubble are now taking turns to get a slice of the Bitcoin pie.

Watcher Guru sharing their Bitcoin plans on Twitter

What Is the Bitcoin Formula Platform?

Bitcoin Formula is your go-to platform to help you avoid making the wrong decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency trading market. The platform lets you connect with reputable crypto brokers irrespective of your region.

So, you can describe the Bitcoin Formula as a middleman between you— a potential investor and trustworthy brokers who grant you the keys to your preferred trading platform. In using this service, you would join thousands of other investors who use the “Bitcoin Formula trading platform” provided by their partners to achieve their trading objectives.

While Bitcoin Formula may offer everything you need to trade, it is also important to carry out due diligence. As you may know, the cryptocurrency market comes with its own risk. So, investing only money you can afford to lose would be better. Also, certain regions have cryptocurrency trading restrictions. Ensure you confirm the regulations guiding crypto trading in your country before you invest. For UK residents, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has banned the sales and promotion of crypto derivatives and related products.

Why Trust This Review?

Let’s remind you that we are an independent platform with no links to the Bitcoin Formula team. For a long while, we’ve made it our responsibility to determine which platforms should be used and which should be avoided. Despite the security that blockchain technology preaches, many scams have ravaged the crypto ecosystem. Hence, we want to try to take the rotten eggs off the stage. Like our other reviews, this Bitcoin Formula review is 100% impartial.

How Bitcoin Formula Works

Bitcoin on a dark blue background with a growth graph chart

The way Bitcoin Formula works is straightforward. As a user, the tool connects you with a broker in your region. Afterward, the broker links you up with a trading platform that suits your trading objectives.

Once you do that and have tried the demo trading part, jump into love trading. During a live trading session, you can come in contact with the automated trading tools, which can offer you signals of opportunities to take. Sometimes, the trading bots automatically execute your trades if you set it that way. So, you don’t have to worry about the outcome of one trade before going all in one another.

How to Open a Bitcoin Formula Account

The process of opening a Bitcoin Formula account is a stress-free one. Unlike regular crypto trading platforms where you might need to go through rigorous steps, Bitcoin Formula makes the process simple, fast, and secure.

Register for a Free Bitcoin Formula Account

The first step to using Bitcoin Formula is to visit the website and fill out the official Bitcoin Formula registration form. Ensure that you input your correct details, as this would be used in the verification process.

Pass the Verification Process

After you submit details of your personal information, wait for verification. Bitcoin Formula partners provide you with a free personal account manager. This personal account manager will be the one to reach you via phone call to confirm your registration details. Also, if you have any questions or need clarity, you can talk to your account manager.

Make Your First Deposit

Once your registration data aligns, Bitcoin Formula’s partners give you access to your trading account. After which, you can make the minimum deposit. According to the platform, you only need a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. We also confirmed that the claim was a genuine one and not misleading.

Start Trading

The last stage after funding your account is to begin trading. Interestingly, Bitcoin Formula offers more than just cryptocurrency trading. You can trade Bitcoin, stocks, and commodity options via the partners’ trading platform.

Interested in trying out the Bitcoin Formula platform? Then, take the first step to trade.

Is Bitcoin Formula a Legit Trading App?

There is this misconception that Bitcoin Formula is a trading platform. Before we go further, let’s clear the air. You may find terms like the Bitcoin Formula trading platform in your cryptocurrency trading journey. Just know that it is a common term used to describe the tool. The trading platforms or robots you encounter from Bitcoin Formula are solely provided by its partners. In addition, Bitcoin Formula does not have a mobile application currently.

Back to the question if the Bitcoin Formula is legit. Yes, it is undoubtedly legit. No, we did not suddenly come to this conclusion without making any findings. Our team of experts visited the official Bitcoin Formula website, registered, and tried the platform. We found out that all of the claims made were nothing but the truth. Again, the Bitcoin Formula platform is not a scam but a legitimate tool built for crypto investors.

5 Bitcoin Formula Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Over 100,000 users are loyal subscribers of Bitcoin Formula. Imagine why these set of people have remained faithful to working with a platform despite a series of options. There are definitely several benefits that the average person may not know about. So, in this section, we will look at five of the numerous features Bitcoin Formula offers.

BTC coins on a screen phone showing a crypto chart

Fast Account Setup Process

The account setup process on Bitcoin Formula is one of the fastest we’ve ever encountered. From the moment you sign, an instant confirmation email drops in your inbox. Even the timeframe for verification takes much less than the one stated when you register. However, one drawback is that the broker’s representative does not wait sometime before calling back if you don’t get to pick up the first verification call.

Free Demo Account

Unlike many platforms, Bitcoin Formula allows beginners to learn. In doing this, the platform’s partners provide a demo trading feature where users can practise with up to $10,000 in the demo account. So, if you are a newbie, you can take advantage of this feature.

Low Trading Capital

A part of Bitcoin Formula’s mission is to ensure that people who are not so well to do, have the same opportunity as the extremely rich. Because of this, the broker’s platform starting capital is as low as $250. So, if you have thought that the crypto market was for wealthy people alone, here’s us letting you know that it is not the case.

Multiple Payment Options

Bitcoin Formula partners also ensure that users can pay across different options. Whether you intend on using a credit or debit card, PayPal, bank or write transfer, all these options are available on the trading platforms provided by the brokers.

Access to Automated Trading Platforms

Here is where it gets more interesting. You might probably know this, but one of the biggest challenges of platforms like Bitcoin Formula is exiting the manual trading mode. However, Bitcoin Formula solves this as its partners offer every user the opportunity to execute trades automatically. You also have access to trading robots that can help identify opportunities in the market. However, if you are not experienced, you can sit out using the trading bits at first, as they can be complicated for beginners.

Bitcoin Formula vs Other Platforms

So, you may have been thinking — “why should I use Bitcoin Formula when there are other options available.” The truth is we can’t make decisions for you, and the aim of this article is for informative purposes only. The only part we can play is to tell you how Bitcoin Formula compares to other platforms. Here are some for you to know.

Bitcoin FormulaOther Platforms
Unrestricted access irrespective of race, region,or income level.Most only offer services to people who have extremely high income. Also, some regions are exempted from participating.
Only work with brokers with proven track records.Some users complain of the unreliability of brokers attached.
Excellent user experience.Great user experience for most.
Numerous 5-star reviews from users.5-star reviews too but not as much as Bitcoin Formula.

Popular Questions About Bitcoin Formula

We believe that you have had some of your questions answered if you have read to this point. However, if you’re still in the dark about a few other things, let’s do some justice to them. Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Formula.

Is Bitcoin Formula Legit?

Based on the information we gathered, we can conclude that Bitcoin Formula is a legitimate platform. By legitimate, we mean that it is not one of those tools that would lead you to unverified brokers or con masters. Everything the platform says it does have been confirmed to be true. If you have other doubts, you can do your own research.

What Is the Minimum Investment?

Bitcoin Formula does not charge any fee as a platform. However, to start trading, you need to fund your trading account with a minimum investment of $250. As mentioned earlier, this deposit is yours to trade Bitcoin and other digital assets you may be interested in.

Are There Any Trading Limits?

While Bitcoin Formula did not give information on any trading limit, there is a chance some trading platforms might have, depending on the broker. So, before you jump into a live trading session, you can contact the broker support team to confirm if there are any limits.

Can I Use the Automated Trading Software?

Yes, of course! The advanced crypto trading software provided by Bitcoin Formula’s partners is there for your use. However, there is a warning you should consider. The auto-trading bots can be risky for beginners. Sometimes, even experienced traders fail at using it properly. So, we suggest you cautiously use the Bitcoin Formula broker’s robot or learn the ropes before engaging it in live trading.

Will I Make Money Trading with Bitcoin Formula?

First and foremost, know that cryptocurrency trading is a highly volatile venture. So, there is no guarantee that you will earn money. However, we encourage you to apply proper risk management if you intend to make profitable trades. Still, know that this is not investment advice. If you are sceptical about the Bitcoin Formula, please speak with a financial advisor before you invest money.

Bitcoin Formula Review: Final Thoughts

To cap off this article, let’s remind you that crypto trading can be risky. However, with solid guidance, you can make the most out of it. As for Bitcoin Formula, the platform is a legitimate one. So, if you are confused, as many are, you can visit the Bitcoin Formula website to confirm if this independent review is valid.

But let’s assure you again. Our primary mission is that crypto investors do not fall into the wrong hands. For those who have, we aim to make sure that such occurrences are reduced drastically. Hence, we do not partner with these brands and only give vital information potential users might need.