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Bitcoin Evolution Review 2023: Worth It or Just a Scam?

After our in-depth evaluation Bitcoin Evolution, we’ve come to the conclusion that this brand is a legit platform that partners with regulated brokers. If you want to explore the novel trading services Bitcoin Evolution’s partners offer, fill in the form below, and a personal account manager will contact you in no time.

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Bitcoin Evolution offers traders a safe space where they can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. This Bitcoin Evolution review have found out that the said platform works by connecting users to their wide network of brokers with access to the popular MetaTrader 4 software.

In the world of crypto trading, the MetaTrader 4 software is considered the best platform for making trades. It’s reliable, fast, and is used by most of the reputable brokers in the market. However, it can be tough for beginners to use MetaTrader 4, which is why Bitcoin Evolution connects you to brokers who know the ins and outs of the software.

Getting into crypto trading can be tough. There are many different things to take into account, which beginners often find overwhelming. Bitcoin Evolution makes it easy for beginners to start trading not only by connecting them with reputable brokers but by giving them access to a simple user interface and tons of great features. And since Bitcoin Evolution offers a fast and safe trading app, it’s also enticing for experienced traders.

Bitcoin Evolution Review – Our Verdict

There are many sites making claims that Bitcoin Evolution traders can make up to €1,000 a day trading on the site. We cannot confirm these claims, nor do we make them. There is always a significant risk with trading crypto, and there is no definite success rate, regardless of the platform you use.

However, as a crypto trading platform and app, Bitcoin Evolution offers traders;

  • A safe trading environment
  • Initial deposit of just $250
  • A wide network of brokers
  • Speedy marginal response time to increase accuracy
  • Automated trading
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Different payment methods
  • Responsive and reliable customer service and support
  • Demo trading for beginners

In this comprehensive review of Bitcoin Evolution, we take a deep dive into the app’s features and benefits. We’ve done the research and learned all the ins and outs of Bitcoin Evolution, which we’ll share with you today. In this article, you’ll figure out if Bitcoin Evolution is a scam, how to create your Bitcoin Evolution account, and whether this is the right trading platform for you.

It has been brought to our attention that many websites have resorted to false celebrity endorsements in encouraging members of the general public to engage with unregulated brokers and unauthorised call centres.

We advise readers to stay away from such websites as that can result in partial or complete loss of capital. Our platform, Bitcoin Evolution, only partners with entities that have complied with the required regulatory measures in the location that they operate out of. With that being said, our regulated partner platforms do feature their services in-depth once users make a registration, which essentially makes this review a marketing offer.

What Is Bitcoin Evolution?

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A Crypto Trading Robot Powered by AI

Bitcoin Evolution features a network of brokers with access to powerful trading robots and tools powered by AI. TA crypto bot constantly takes in different market data and news, conducting a full and comprehensive market analysis. Based on its analysis and the user’s preferences, the robot will find trades that have a higher chance of raking in gains. From there, the bot can either make suggestions or open up a trade.

The crypto trading robot can analyse large scores of data faster than any human being, making it a very reliable tool that both beginners and experienced traders can enjoy. However, keep in mind that there is always a risk with trading cryptocurrencies, and traders have to accept the fact that there is always a chance of losing money when trading.

However, since the crypto bot analyses data and does intricate math for users, it can help reduce the chances of earning money. Keep in mind that you are liable for all losses or gains on Bitcoin Evolution, regardless if it was you or the bot that made the trade.

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A Worldwide Network of Trusted Brokers

The way Bitcoin Evolution works is by connecting users to their network of brokers with access to the MetaTrader 4 software. Brokers in Bitcoin Evolution’s network are regulated, ensuring that each individual is a trusted and reputable professional with experience and knowledge in the crypto trading space. MetaTrader 4 is the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies, but it can be tricky to use, which is why Bitcoin Evolution connects you to brokers who already know how to make trades on the platform.

Brokers are there to help you through the world of cryptocurrency. They can give financial advice, leading you to better trade options on the market, offer customer support, and open up a trade for you. However, remember that there is always a risk when trading cryptocurrencies so be ready for the possibility of losing your money.

But if you take the broker’s advice into consideration and make sure to always read up on market trends, then you can reduce the risk of losing money. While the Bitcoin Evolution app and Bitcoin Evolution website ensure that brokers are legitimate professionals, we always encourage users to double-check their broker’s reputation before trusting their advice to be extra safe.

Bitcoin Evolution connects traders with brokers from their area, based on the personal information filled in while registering. To ensure that you get paired up with a broker from your area who’s familiar with the local market, we highly recommend inputting accurate information when registering on the Bitcoin Evolution official website.

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An Algorithm You Can Customise

As we mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Evolution features an automated AI trading robot that can analyse the market for you and open up trades. However, on top of analysing market data, the Bitcoin Evolution trading bot also takes your personal preferences into account to ensure a more personalised trading experience.

Other crypto bots and trading platforms on the internet do not allow users to customise the algorithm. In fact, when you switch to the automatic trading mode on other trading apps, you are left with almost no control. Bitcoin Evolution does things a bit differently. On the Bitcoin Evolution app, users can set and customise risk level profiles that the trading bot factors in when making decisions.

On top of setting your risk level profile, users can also tweak other parameters, such as trading times, trading capital, the preferred risk to reward ratio, and much more when using the Bitcoin Evolution website and Bitcoin Evolution app.

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Popular Questions About Bitcoin Evolution

Popular Questions About Bitcoin Evolution

Is Bitcoin Evolution Legal?

Yes, the Bitcoin Evolution app, Bitcoin Evolution website and all of its partners and affiliates are 100% legal. There are many “Bitcoin Evolution scam” claims out there, which usually stem from people using copycat websites that take advantage of Bitcoin Evolution’s popularity.

Every individual on the Bitcoin Evolution team abides by all the relevant rules and regulations to ensure that traders have access to a safe trading environment where they can buy and sell different crypto coins.

There is always a risk involved when trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Evolution is upfront about these risks and lets users know from the get-go what they are getting into. When trading with Bitcoin Evolution, keep in mind that you are liable for all gains and losses, so make sure to only trade money you can afford to lose.

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Is It All Fake Marketing?

There are many fake reviews and websites on the internet that make outrageous claims that users can make up to €1,000 a day in profits. We cannot confirm any of these claims and urge users to always practice due diligence and look for reputable sources while researching, but more on that later.

Bitcoin Evolution uses a variety of marketing techniques to get its name out there. Some of these techniques involve fake rumours involving celebrities who allegedly use Bitcoin Evolution for their own trades. Again, we cannot confirm any of these claims.

We are dedicated to providing an honest review that lays out all the characteristics of the Bitcoin Evolution platform, whether they are good or bad. Bitcoin Evolution is a legitimate trading space where users can potentially report gains. However, remember that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and users can potentially lose their money by making the wrong trades. The Bitcoin Evolution official website clearly states these risks, and traders should always take them into account when deciding to invest.

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Is Bitcoin Evolution Beginner Friendly?

Bitcoin Evolution is one of the best trading systems out there for beginners. Since Bitcoin Evolution sports a very simple and intuitive user interface, beginner traders can easily navigate through the features offered. Whether you want to check your balance, make a trade, or switch between manual and automatic trading modes, you can do that all with a simple tap on the Bitcoin Evolution app.

And with Bitcoin Evolution’s large network of different brokers worldwide, traders get paired up with trusted and reputable brokers who can give them very helpful trading advice. Brokers can be a huge help for traders about to start their live trading sessions. Bitcoin Evolution’s partners also offer a crypto trading bot that can analyse the market and make decisions faster than any human being can. This reduces the need for beginners to do all the research themselves, making it much easier for users to carve out a space for themselves in the market. Yet, note that crypto bots might be unsuitable for all traders as they require adequate monitoring.

Another great feature that Bitcoin Evolution’s partners offer to beginners is the demo trading mode. In this mode, you can use a free demo account to make mock trades on the market. This allows beginners to get a real feel of the market before they start trading actual money. On the demo trading feature, you don’t stake real money, which means you cannot lose or gain any capital. The demo feature solely exists to help users get a feel of the market before hopping on their first live trading session.

Can You Customise the Algorithm?

As mentioned earlier, the trading algorithm of Bitcoin Evolution can be customised. On the trading app, you can set different risk level profiles, preferred trading times, initial trading capital, and many other parameters that make for a very personalised trading experience.

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What Is the Minimum Initial Deposit?

To start trading on Bitcoin Evolution, traders need to make an initial deposit of $250. This is the minimum, so if you choose to deposit more, that is completely up to you. After making the deposit, you should be able to view your funds in a matter of moments.

Typically, deposits are reflected instantly on the Bitcoin Evolution app. However, depending on your payment method, it could take up to a couple of minutes before you can see your funds.

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What Are the Different Accepted Payment Methods?

When depositing into your Bitcoin Evolution account, you can choose between a wide variety of payment methods. Bitcoin Evolution’s partners accept the most common payment methods out there, such as wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets like Neteller.

However, since Bitcoin Evolution connects users to brokers, keep in mind that different brokers accept different payment methods. Most brokers on the trading app will accept the most popular payment methods out there, but be ready for some variety when you start trading via Bitcoin Evolution.

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Is It Easy to Trade on Bitcoin Evolution?

Trading different cryptocurrencies can be risky, but getting started is very easy on Bitcoin Evolution. The trading app allows traders to select different fiat currencies and altcoins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and many more. And since it’s available as a mobile app, you can easily choose different trades and options for yourself.

On top of all that, users can also switch to the automatic trading mode. This mode uses an automated crypto robot that can make a thorough market analysis and find trades with a higher potential of turning a profit. However, keep in mind that automatic trading bots are supposed to help you and not replace you. Whether you made the decision or the robot made the trade for you, remember that you are liable for all losses on Bitcoin Evolution.

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How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work?

Bitcoin Evolution works by connecting traders to their wide network of brokers. Bitcoin Evolution is not a trading platform itself. Instead, they connect traders to brokers who have access to a trading software known as MetaTrader 4.

MetaTrader 4 is a fast, effective, and safe trading platform, but you need a lot of experience to be able to use it. So, to make it easier for beginners to start trading, Bitcoin Evolution simply hooks you up with a broker from your area who knows how to use the software.

Bitcoin Evolution also features an automated trading bot. This AI robot takes in tons of relevant news and information about the world of cryptocurrency. With this information, the robot creates a thorough market analysis that will allow users to find the best trades. The bot factors in market data and user’s preferences, which makes for a very personalised trading experience.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Available on Mobile?

Yes, Bitcoin Evolution is available on mobile. In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, it’s vital for traders to constantly stay connected. With the Bitcoin Evolution app, traders can make trades and stay updated wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection.

On the app, you can access all the same features available on the official Bitcoin Evolution website, which is what makes this platform very enticing for beginners and experienced traders alike.

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Is Bitcoin Evolution Secure?

Security and safety are top priorities for the Bitcoin Evolution team. To ensure a safe environment, all the brokers are regulated, and all partners and affiliates of Bitcoin Evolution abide by all relevant rules and regulations.

On top of that, Bitcoin Evolution requires all new users to go through an extensive registration and verification process offered by partners. The registration and verification process prevent fake accounts from plaguing the Bitcoin Evolution platform, allowing users to stay safe from scams when making trades.

All information on Bitcoin Evolution is encrypted. Bitcoin Evolution encrypts everything, from personal information to transaction history. So, with this trading app, you won’t have to worry about your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

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Answering the Question: Is Bitcoin Evolution Legit or a Scam?

Many people wonder if Bitcoin Evolution is a scam. Keep in mind that there are many copycat sites that mimic the design, layout, and content of Bitcoin Evolution, which can pose dangers to traders. These copycat sites are where most of the Bitcoin Evolution scam claims stem. For this reason, we urge users to only create accounts and give their personal information to the official Bitcoin Evolution website.

There are many users who have reported making successful trades using Bitcoin Evolution. This alone should be enough to vouch for the legitimacy of the trading app. And while some websites claim users make large profits in a short amount of time, we do not make the same claims.

While there is a potential for users to report profits on the site, there is also a significant risk of losing your trading capital. Right from the start, Bitcoin Evolution informs potential traders of the risks involved with cryptocurrency trading and urges traders to always keep this in mind when making trades. The wrong trade can lead to some significant consequences, which is why we advise traders to always research the market to find trades with a lower risk of losing money.

Bitcoin Evolution is a legitimate trading app where beginners and experienced individuals alike can build their investment portfolios.

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Bitcoin Evolution: Core Features

Automated Trading

One of the premier features of Bitcoin Evolution and its partners is automated trading. Powered by an AI crypto trading robot, Bitcoin Evolution’s automated trading feature takes in scores of relevant market information. This includes market data and relevant news that can affect the market. From there, it conducts a thorough market analysis before finding trades that can potentially turn a profit.

Once a trade is found, the robot then automatically opens up trades between you and the broker. Users can also customise the AI algorithm to include their risk level profile and other parameters that further personalise the trading experience.

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Privacy & Security for Traders

Security is a key feature of the Bitcoin Evolution platform. The team is constantly at work to ensure that users are paired up with reputable and trusted brokers from their area who have knowledge of the local market and assist traders in making the right choices in the vast cryptocurrency space.

Aside from regulating brokers, Bitcoin Evolution abides by all the relevant privacy rules and regulations. This ensures that traders on the platform are safe from scams, as well as provides an overall safe space for trading cryptocurrency. All new users need to go through a registration and verification process before creating their Bitcoin Evolution account via a suitable broker, which further strengthens the app’s security.

Bitcoin Evolution also uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure that your data is safe. All information on Bitcoin Evolution, from your personal details all the way down to your transaction history, is encrypted and cannot fall into anybody else’s hands.

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Speed & Consistency

Bitcoin Evolution’s algorithm is constantly taking in and interpreting different sets of data related to the cryptocurrency market. The bot can analyse data much faster than any human being, giving traders valuable suggestions and insights almost instantly.

Speed is key in the volatile crypto market. A few seconds can spell all the difference between missing out on the trade of the month. But with Bitcoin Evolution’s fast algorithm and consistent speeds, you can lessen the chances of missing out by staying constantly informed and updated with the market.

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Easy Deposits & Withdrawals

Withdrawing and depositing funds is made incredibly easy with Bitcoin Evolution. Traders can deposit funds into their Bitcoin Evolution account in seconds using a variety of different payment methods offered by brokers.

You can make deposits into your account through wire transfers, Visa/MasterCard transactions, and even by using popular e-wallets such as Neteller and LeoPay. After making a deposit, funds are usually reflected within a couple of seconds. However, depending on your payment method, it could take up to a couple of minutes, but this rarely occurs with Bitcoin Evolution.

When withdrawing funds from your Bitcoin Evolution wallet into your bank account, the process takes a bit longer. While Bitcoin Evolution processes the transaction instantly, banks tend to be slow with these transactions. Usually, funds will be available within a couple of hours after withdrawing. However, there are times where it can take a couple of business days, which largely depends on your bank.

Bitcoin Evolution: Characteristics

A Worldwide Network of Trusted Brokers

The main characteristic of Bitcoin Evolution is its network of brokers. Bitcoin Evolution boasts an incredibly wide network with brokers from all areas of the world. A broker from your area will be familiar with the local market and economy and be highly skilled in finding trades that work for YOU.

When creating your Bitcoin Evolution account, we highly encourage users to input accurate information, especially in regards to location. That way, you ensure that the broker you’re paired up with is from your area and knows the local market.

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Different Crypto Trading Options

Building a diversified trading portfolio is a top priority for beginner traders. With Bitcoin Evolution, traders can buy and sell a wide variety of coins to increase their chances of reporting gains when using the platform.

While the name of the platform might suggest that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency you can buy on the site, that isn’t the case. On the Bitcoin Evolution app, you can buy other currencies such as ETH, XRP, and many others!

Different cryptocurrecy coins

User-Friendly & Intuitive Interface

One of the characteristics that make Bitcoin Evolution a great platform and trading app for beginners is its user interface. Simplicity is key when designing a trading platform, and the Bitcoin Evolution developers knew that when they created the site and app.

On the Bitcoin Evolution app, you can easily jump and navigate between the different features. All the features such as automated trading, live trading, and demo trading can be accessed very easily. And instead of spending hours trying to get the hang of using the app, traders can spend their time researching the market and learning about trading strategies instead.

How to Get Started With Bitcoin Evolution

Step 1: Create Your Bitcoin Evolution Account

  • Head on over to the official Bitcoin Evolution website.
  • Enter your information and click on the “Open New Account” button.
  • After creating your account, a broker from your area will call you within a couple of hours.
  • Some brokers require additional information depending on your area, such as net worth, trading capital, billing address, and more.
  • Verify your account by submitting the appropriate documents.

Step 2: Make Your First Deposit

  • Once you have verified your account, the next step is to make a deposit.
  • The minimum initial deposit on Bitcoin Evolution is $250.
  • You can choose between a variety of payment methods, such as e-wallets, wire transfers, and Visa/MasterCard.
  • Funds are typically reflected in your Bitcoin Evolution account instantly, but depending on your payment method, it could take up to a couple of moments.

Step 3: Try Out Demo Trading

  • This is optional, but we highly advise beginner traders to test out the demo trading feature.
  • When demo trading, you won’t be staking actual money, so you won’t report any gains or losses.
  • Demo trading allows users to get a feel of the crypto market and its volatility before actually staking their own trading capital.

Step 4: Tweak the Settings

  • After you try out the demo trading feature, it’s time to tweak the algorithm.
  • Bitcoin Evolution’s trading robot allows you to tweak certain parameters to allow for a more personalised experience.
  • Set your risk level profiles, risk-reward ratio, preferred trading times, and many other parameters.
  • Tweaking the algorithm ensures that the trading bot will only make decisions based on your preferences along with a thorough market analysis.

Where Is Bitcoin Evolution Available?

The official Bitcoin Evolution website does not have a verified list of jurisdictions where the app is available. However, many users from different areas all around the world have reported making successful trades using Bitcoin Evolution. A large chunk of successful traders on Bitcoin Evolution have reported making trades from these localities and jurisdictions;

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom *No CFDs, The United States, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Romania, Lesotho

Making Money on Bitcoin Evolution

The world of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, and there is never a definite success rate, regardless of the platform you use. As we’ve repeated multiple times in this article, there is always a risk of losing money when making investments, whether you invest in stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrencies.

To lessen the risk of losing money on Bitcoin Evolution, we highly recommend that traders utilise all the tools at their disposal. This includes using the demo trading feature, customising the trading algorithm, seeking professional advice, and staying informed and updated about relevant news that could affect prices.

While there is always a risk of losing your trading capital, Bitcoin Evolution makes it easier for users to make safe trades and decisions that are rooted in hard evidence. When trading crypto, here are just some of the factors that could affect whether you make a profit or not;

  • Supply & Demand
  • How passive or active you are as a trader
  • The risk level taken
  • Your experience level as a trader
  • Market volatility
  • How much you initially invested

Bitcoin Evolution: A Brief Guide for First-Time Investors

Create a Varied Portfolio

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you start trading crypto is to put all your eggs in one basket. When you invest all your capital in one currency, you might potentially reap big gains if the price goes up. However, if prices drop, you also risk losing large amounts of your money in a short amount of time. This strategy is more akin to gambling than it is to trading.

Remember, investing is a marathon and not a race. Investors and traders are always advised to think of long-term benefits over short-term benefits. With that in mind, we highly suggest investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies during your first trading sessions and building a diverse portfolio.

When you have multiple investments, you have assets that can keep you afloat just in case one of your investments drops. On top of that, you can potentially earn more money if more than one of your investments depreciates over time.

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Stay Updated

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and ever-changing. To ensure that you make the right trades for you, traders need to always stay informed. When starting out in the cryptocurrency market, we highly advise beginners to seek advice from experienced traders and brokers and ask them for tips. On top of that, it would be highly beneficial to research on your own to find out different strategies and techniques you can use when starting your first live trading session.

Learning never ends in the crypto world. Every day, there are new cryptocurrencies being created and introduced to the market. Cryptocurrencies are young, and we see changes to the market every single day, which is why both experienced and beginner traders always need to learn more about the market to avoid making bad trades.

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Always Consider Your Needs

When researching the market, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just following what everyone else is doing. While this can sometimes garner positive results, we do not advise traders to base their decisions solely on market trends.

When creating an investment plan and strategy, always ask yourself what you need. Sometimes, the best decision is to reinvest your profits into different assets. Other times, you might need to withdraw your profits and use them for your needs. The best investment strategy is the one that works for you, and we highly encourage all traders to always take their own needs and preferences into consideration before deciding on a trading plan. Remember, trends die down eventually, and it might not be the best decision only to follow what other people are doing.

Have Companies and Individuals Endorsed Bitcoin Evolution?

Our review has not found any connection of celebrities using Bitcoin Evolution. Please, kind in mind that such endorsements are used primarily by fake sites. Always do your research and carry one due diligence.

Gordon Ramsay

As one of the most popular and wealthy chefs in the world, many people theorise that Gordon Ramsay invests in cryptocurrency. There are even some websites that make claims that Ramsay actually uses Bitcoin Evolution for his investments. After conducting thorough research, we could find no additional sources that can verify these claims.

Piers Morgan

Many websites have spread rumours that Piers Morgan uses Bitcoin Evolution to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. However, we could find no other legitimate sources to prove these rumours.

piers morgan

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has a very significant hold on the cryptocurrency market. A single tweet from the billionaire can have drastic effects on prices, which is why a fair amount of people believe that he has endorsed and used Bitcoin Evolution. Based on our research, this is not true since we could not find any sources to verify the rumour.

elon musk

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the most influential people in the tech world. Because of this, many sites have speculated that Bill Gates invests his money through Bitcoin Evolution. We could not find any other sources to verify or confirm these claims.

Conclusion – Is Bitcoin Evolution Worth Your Time in 2023?

And there you have it: a detailed review of Bitcoin Evolution. We’ve debunked the myths and cleared up the facts surrounding this trading app. So, all that’s left for you to do is decide whether it’s the right trading platform for your needs.

Regardless of the trading platform you use, there is always a risk of losing money when trading different cryptocurrencies. There are a wide variety of factors that can affect the market, and all of these need to be taken into account when trading.

Bitcoin Evolution is upfront with traders about the risks of trading crypto. The platform even urges users to always keep the risks in mind when making trades and to only invest money that they can afford to lose.

With a Bitcoin Evolution account, you can gain access to tons of great features that make trading easy. Bitcoin Evolution has an auto trading bot, demo trading mode, live trading, and a wide network of brokers who can guide you through the volatile cryptocurrency market. And while there are always risks involved in trading crypto, Bitcoin Evolution offers a safe environment where users can buy and sell different crypto coins.


The information in this Bitcoin Evolution review cannot be considered investment advice. Do your due diligence when planning investment and consult with a professional first. To understand the risk of investments, please read the text down below.