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1inch Price Prediction 2022-2025-2030

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The incredible potential that Decentralised Finance offers is simply jaw-dropping. Do you know what else proves this? It’s the fantastic solutions provided by the 1inch Network. If you don’t know what this is about, this 1inch price prediction is the perfect piece of information you would need.

When 1inch launched in 2019, little did anyone expect this fast-paced growth. However, the project has moved from instability to becoming a big powerhouse. With significant funding from reputable companies, like Libertus Capital, FTX, and Binance Labs, 1inch has become close to a billion-dollar market cap. 1inch went from a $2.8 million in August 2020 to another $12 million raise in December 2020.

When you thought it had ended there, the 1inch team blew minds again. This time, the project raised $175 million from 50 investors. So, what do these companies see in 1inch that we do not? Honestly, a lot. The 1inch token itself has moved up the ladder. The token went from $1 to $7 in less than six months in the same pattern. So what next for the 1inch coin?

Does 1inch have the potential to reach $10? This 1inch price prediction will give in-depth details of its projected future price. Read this article today before it’s too late.

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Latest News about 1inch Vital to Its Future Price

After airdropping over $84 million, not much has been said about the 1inch project. Yes, the company has raised millions of dollars in venture capital. However, there seem to be only a few updates. Fortunately, 1inch broke an excellent piece of information. The team recently introduced a peer-to-peer feature to aid fast and secure crypto swaps.

1inch Price History

Although 1inch started with many reliable investors, the token didn’t start on a good note. In December 2020, 1INCH went from $1.56 to $0.88. This price drop was shocking for many. A long bullish trend was expected at launch, but it didn’t happen. However, there was a turnaround in January 2021. 1INCH rose to $3.12 at the end of the month and followed the price rise into February.

By February 2021, 1INCH was trading at $5.8. The coin maintained between the $3 price and $6 till April. As of May 2021, 1INCH reached an all-time high of $7.87. The 1NCH token has failed to achieve this height again, dropping to $2.47 in December 2021.

2022 hasn’t been great for the 1INCH price either. At a current price of $1.34, the coin looks very discouraging despite its potential. For some, it presents an opportunity.

1inch Technical Analysis

Technical analysis (TA) provides an avenue to predict crypto prices using charts, candles, and indicators. Although predictions might not be accurate, TA helps with close projections. Let’s look at the 1inch network price prediction for 2022 till 2030.

1inch Price Prediction 2022

By April 2022, Wallet Investor predicts that the average price of 1INCH could be $1.29. This price shows a slight drop from its current price. However, market sentiment could also push for a price rise. The 1INCH price prediction could also fall in the $2.87 range in the same month.

For the year-end price prediction, Wallet investor predicts a price drop to $1.89. However, Trading Beasts predicts an average trading price of $1.65 and a maximum price of $2.06.

1inch Price Prediction 2023

According to Wallet Investor, the 1INCH price might move up a little to $1.97 in January 2023. Trading Beasts’ predictions for the same period are $1.71 at an average price. At maximum value, 1INCH might follow a powerful bullish trend to $3.05 by December 2023.

1inch Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, INCH’s minimum price could be $2.54. The price could go lower with a high-risk crypto market, but Trading Beasts disagree. The analysts predict the average price to be around $2.99. In a bull market, 1INCH has excellent potential to reach $3.74 in the year.

1inch Price Prediction 2025

As much as crypto prices are expected to dip at a point, 1INCH price projections stay strong. Following its performance from 2024, 2025 might even be better. Trading Beast predicts that the average price could be $3.35 by mid-2025. However, 1INCH has the potential to reach $4.48 before the year runs to a close.

1inch Price Prediction 2030

Digital Coin Price analysts are very optimistic about the maximum value of 1INCH. The 1INCH price is expected to surpass its previous highest prices in the long term. According to the predictions, 1INCH could get close to $6 in 2030. Digital Coin Price places the project’s maximum price prediction at $5.97.

Now that we know technical analysis price forecasts, let’s look at crypto experts’ projections.

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1inch Price Forecasts | Future Price Prediction

Popular YouTube crypto expert, Coin Bureau called 1INCH “DeFi’s hidden gem” about a year ago.

Check out his complete analysis here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gGohy53s-o

So, has the token lived up to its hype? Will it disrupt the cryptocurrency market in a way we’ve never seen before? This time, we would look at the opinion of Crypto Never Sleeps. Having called it “the Uniswap Killer,” the crypto expert believes 1INCH is still not at its full potential.

With its incredible protocol helping decentralised and centralised exchanges find a middle ground in price, 1INCH seems to be lagging a bit behind. However, providing aggregated token prices is something the crypto community will always need. Interestingly, the in-house price prediction shows very positive signs for 1INCH. The average forecast price could go higher than the technical analysis predictions.

Whether fundamental analysis will be correct or not, only the future will tell. One thing we can encourage you to do is to keep your eyes on the 1INCH price. That said, what does 1inch do? Why is it so crucial for the DeFi sector? The following section will tell you.

What Is the 1inch Network?

If there is one problem facing the whole crypto world, it’s the coin price problem. You visit Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes) and get a particular crypto price. You move to check another or a centralised one, and you get a different price. Then, you think if this is what blockchain technology offers. No, there is a simple pathway to curb this confusion. It is the 1inch Network.

1inch is one of the most efficient swapping routes for leading DEXes and most exchanges. Beyond swapping, 1inch also provides the lowest crypto prices across several DEXes. To achieve this, 1inch has integrated various liquidity sources into its ecosystem. Some on the Ethereum chain, others on the Binance Smart Chain, and a concluding group on Polygon.

With its Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) model, 1inch has made governance and voting easy in the DeFi space. 1inch also functions efficiently in liquidity mining, confirming why the 1inch governance token is essential.

The 1INCH Utility Token

1INCH is the native token of the 1inch Network. The coin doesn’t only function as crypto for token holders. It also serves as the governance token for the 1inch ecosystem.

When the token launched on Christmas day in 2020, the team had one primary goal. To aid seamless liquidity mining and reward liquidity providers with 1INCH tokens. The team has been able to achieve some part of this mission. In 2020, 1inch distributed many tokens to its Uniswap community in a move that saw the price rise to new highs the following month.

Major Investors of the 1inch Network

Similar coins to 1inch can hardly brag about the number of investors. In 1inch’s case, it is different. The 1inch Network has acquired major investors in the crypto market. Day-by-day, month-by-month, this number seems to be growing. Interestingly, people wonder why there is so much belief in the 1inch coin. These 1inch price predictions should have given you an idea. That said, let’s give you a list of some big investors in the 1inch ecosystem.

  • Galaxy Digital
  • Divergence Ventures
  • Blockchain Capital
  • Amber Group
  • VanEck
  • Alameda Research
  • Nexo
  • Celsius
  • Pantera Capital
  • LAUNCHub Ventures.

Others include Binance Labs, Greenfield One, Jane Street, FTX, and Gemini Frontier Fund.

Current Price of 1inch

As of this writing, the current price of 1inch is $1.34. Yes, the price of 1inch has an all-time high of $7.87. This highest price makes the current token price look very low. If you believe in the 1inch project, buying at the current price might offer an opportunity to improve your investment.

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People Also Ask

Is the 1inch Network Safe?

The 1inch Network is as secure as you can imagine. The 1inch Network makes it easy for liquidity pools to vote with fast decentralised protocols. Liquidity providers can make secure transactions without worrying about 1inch’s governance and utility token. This high degree of security is why 1inch has a significant stake in Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Will the 1inch Price Reach $10?

The technical analysis predicts that 1inch could reach $10. Similarly, crypto experts believe the $10 1inch price will only take some time. Maybe not within a year, but someday — yes! There is a possibility that 1inch could reach $10

What Makes 1inch Unique?

The 1inch Network is unique in its own way. Unlike many projects in the DeFi sector, 1inch allows liquidity and provides access to seven blockchain networks. Its uniqueness is also built in its versatile wallet.

Can 1inch Be a Good Investment?

According to crypto experts, 1inch has the potential to be a profitable investment. However, this prediction depends on several variables. Multi-chain ability and DEX solutions sound like a powerful combination that won’t disappear anytime. In addition, the 1inch uniqueness is one part that could make it a profitable investment.

This opinion might sound like we are sure of 1INCH’s future price. However, that’s not the case. Remember that these price predictions might change as the crypto market cycles change. Whether 1inch will be a worthwhile investment is your decision to make. Do your own research.

What Is the Current Market Cap of 1inch?

1inch’s market cap is over $550 million with a $412 million tokens circulating supply. With the recent trading volume changes, the price of 1inch could surge above its previous highest price.

What Is the Total Supply of the 1inch Token?

With its token price at $1.34, 1INCH still has a total supply of 1.5 billion tokens.

Should I invest in 1inch?

Investment decisions are personal. We will not directly tell you which cryptocurrency to invest in. This article aims to educate you. So, if you find good reasons to buy 1INCH from this article, it is up to you. However, we will not be responsible for the outcome of your investment decisions.

Where Can I Buy the 1inch Cryptocurrency?

The 1inch cryptocurrency is available on a few Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) and major crypto exchanges. You can own some 1inch tokens when you buy on FTX, Binance, or Coinbase. Interestingly, these exchanges have 1inch paired with some of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. So, you can easily swap BTC, USDT, or ETH for it. Are you looking to buy 1inch without any trouble? Then, check out eToro. The platform offers the most user-friendly interface for complete newbies.